January 19, 2017

Circles and Lines

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A fun post about circles and lines …

The other day I was distracted from my work flow … 
And a brilliant insight came to view. 

So let me set the Stage

I was playing around with circles and lines. 

I was doodling, drawing … 
[The featured picture that accompanies this post was my doodle pic.] 

Looking to see where circles lines are used in my work.

O o … big circles and little circles
_ | … horizontal lines and vertical lines 

They were in everything … 

Because circles lines make up the English alphabet:

Do it yourself – use a block font 
Write out the letters of the alphabet in lower case and upper case.

circles lines
I appreciate this insight is not rocket science. I get that!

In the moment it mattered ))smiles 

Isaw a pattern …
How many of the letters are made of circles (& portions thereof) and lines?

From the two lines above (Calibri font) … 
Capital letters = 15 were lines … AEFHIKLMNTVWXYZ (not Calibri, I know))smiles 
Capital letters = 9 were circles (portions thereof) and lines … BDGJPQRSU
Capital letters = 1 was a circle, 1 was a tad more than a half circle  CO
Lowercase = 7 were lines … klvwxyz
Lowercase = 19 were circles (portions thereof) and lines … abcdefghijmnopqrstu

And that was not the grand insight … 

I wrote my first name in capital letters 
5 line letters and 2 circle letters

Ta da …
When this question came to mind … 

What happens in the white space between the letters of my name?


Letters visually represent me – as a form of foreground reference

However it’s the white space between and around the letters
that is far more intriguing 

The white space encompasses my extraordinary life_business_legacy experiences
It’s where my background conversation can be heard

Taking it a step further …

The letters form responses to what do you do?
Or Who are you? What is the why of your life? 
The why of your business? The why of your legacy?

And the stories unfold using these letters … 

Today … for you … What is the why, how and who
that guide your extraordinary life_business_legacy experiences?
Because the answers are in the words … on the words … behind the words … around the words … because of the words … without the words … in the white space of your words.

From those circles and lines stories abound …

For This Blog …

It’s with these circles lines 
I’ll share what I think-feel is important 
and answer what you ask … for you and I 
to live great lives, co-create well-living workplaces, and 
eco-create the well-living world …

AND I appreciate your circles and lines
And the stories they express … 
please share via the Comments section below this post!

Oh yes – before I forget 
How else are you using Circles Lines in your work?

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Thank you for reading this fun post ...

Yours for the wellth of it, 

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Stephen Hobbs, EdD is from Calgary, AB and founder of the WELLthMovement.com.
He serves as an international consultant, author and amazing decision facilitator. He guides executives, entrepreneurs and educators to design and realize extraordinary life_business_legacy experiences for self and with others.
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