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Learn about Your lifelong connection with Trees, especially when you support Children & Trees' programs on glocal (global and local) levels.

AND - explore and discover why and how Ecological Architexture and Ecological Movement & Profitability are required ways to work and play today, and especially for the future.

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake - Namaste Bow - Ankle Bump,
Even when YOU shake hands with the Branches of Trees

Participate in various Tree Projects with their EcoCreators!
Do you have a Tree Project you want us to know about?

Write a Tree Story - send it to us for consideration in a book anthology - as you help raise $ for children and trees programs. 

Join a Tree Trekking (Tree Planting) Program - we encourage you to plant - fund the planting of - trees, & then walk among them. 

 When you listen you learn; when you share you educate ...
"A truer truism to be truthfully told by all travellers"

We are writing the copy to explain and describe what is unfolding for the Children and Trees programs we're supporting ... and, how we are supporting them financially.

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There are many exisiting initiaitives we are planning to support.

And create some programs of our design - using evidence-based learning and experience-based educating.

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Trees are the truth tellers of what was, what is, and what can be.

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WELLth Movement's Centre for Learning and Educating

Where you learn why and how to design & develop, and deliver & evaluate "whole system and whole person" products, services, and experiences using make a movement, extraordinary experiences, and ecological architexture tools and techniques

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We're committed to support your wise allocation of time, effort, & money as you involve yourself in "children and trees" programs locally and globally. 

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Client Testimonial 1:

1 to 1 Facilitative Mentoring
Dr. Stephen Hobbs has helped me to articulate my business vision in much greater detail than I was able to initially explain. His attention to the meaning behind words is profound, as he is able to create a deep richness through making subtle changes to words and sentence structure. This richness added depth and value to my existing content. Steve told me not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear, in a supportive and encouraging way. Steve taught me how to build a stronger foundation for my course platform, to deeply enrich the quality of the content provided, along with a tangible strategy for how to execute an implementation plan using a mentoring approach. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to increase the value of their existing course content or for anyone starting out and needing a solid structure to base their material on.

Shawna Curry
Lifestyle Educator  


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