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Experience the Development of the Art of Nature for Tree Stories 2219

tree stories 2219

Tree Stories 2219 is about the “development” of the art of nature on display by Nature and humans interpreting nature From our ecoliteracy series … The previous topics were “cycles” and “flow” – this week it’s about “development”  Above video: A BBC description and explanation of the Art of Nature based on nature’s development and that of humans with […]

Suggested Behaviours that Elevate or Diminish Your Interactions with Others in Meetings re Workplace Transition 2119

workplace transition 2119

Workplace Transition 2119 highlights important behaviours you must consider – exhibit – reflect upon when meeting with others whether in-person and/or online. The article is based on two questions someone asked me the other day. She commented I had a great meeting presence ))smiles … I shared, it’s an outcome of attending way too many meetings over […]

Experience Flow, Fluidity, and Slippin n Slidin for Tree Stories 2119

tree stories 2119

Tree Stories 2119 is about experiencing the flow and fluidity nature exhibits  From our ecoliteracy series … Last week was about “cycles” – this week it’s about “flow” And stay for the sounds of a forest river stream –>  Perspective The second ecoliteracy tenet is “flow” like understand the flow cycles of the sun energy through the plant and animal ecosystems […]

Pine Tree England Indra Singh for Tree Stories 2

tree stories 2 Indra Singh

Tree Stories 2 is the second story in a collection of video interviews about trees/bushes/shrubs (called tree(s) henceforth). These stories are from story-sharers from around the world whose connection is radiantly wonderful … and who exude the tree spirt of the tree they share. Story-Sharer – Indra Singh, England Tree: Pine Wikipedia: Pine –> reference here Onward […]

10 Action_Outcome Articles about Workplace Transition 2019

workplace transition 2019

Workplace Transition 2019 lists 10 Action_Outcome articles written over the past ten weeks.  As a Point of Reference:These 10 articles explore Workplace Transition (Workplace Experience – #WPT, #WPX) as it applies to co-creating the well-living workplace Workplace is about a place of work – where work is defined as “… an opportunity for discovering and shaping, the […]

Delegate Authority so the Authorship of Production Is Shared for Well Living World 2019

well living world 2019

Well Living World 2019 is about delegating authority with your requirements and requests so the authorship of production is shared. Whether your a movement, community, charitable organization, government department, corporation, small business, which involves paid staff and/or volunteers, YOU are involved in the whole system – whole person organization of work. That is, you are involved […]

Evaluate the Transitional Outcome and Shift Actions to Answer the Whole Is It Question for Workplace Transition 1919

workplace transition 1919

Workplace Transition 1919 highlights the importance of summative evaluation as applied to transitional outcomes and shift actions.  This article is the tenth of 10 exploring Workplace Transition (Workplace Experience – #WPT, #WPX) … where in workplace terms “transition (internal) is about the organization response to change (external) – knowing “change surrounds every challenge” (Dr. Linda Hines). Herein challenge […]

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