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Enrol People to See New Ways to Engage for Wellness 3319

wellness 3319

Wellness 3319 is about enrolling people – weary of change and its effects – in seeing a new way to once again engage. Are you hearing the deep sighs among your family and friends, at work, and within your communities when you chat about individual/group wellness and large scale/small-scale change? While I appreciate the words “wellness and […]

Use an Integrated Business Management System for Your Organization of Workplace Transition 3219

workplace transition 3219

Workplace Transition 3219 is about using an Integrated Business Management System as the basis of your organization of work. Something similar to the ISBN number for the books you read and write …  REMINDER: As of the beginning of September 2019 … the storyline with shift from Workplace Transition to Mentoring Workplace including Workforce Learning Workplace Educating Natural Educator Mentoring Natural […]

Best Heed the Warnings re The Local to Global Perspectives of Animals and Trees for Tree Stories 3219

tree stories 3219

Tree Stories 3219 considers children’s perspectives of trees and animals – nature – through a local to global lens … something is happening! Yes … something is happening … Children cannot recognize plants – animals locally: ///// Article 1: Children and Nature take on Article 2Article 2: Original Children don’t like the outdoors://///Article 1: Children and Nature take on Article […]

10 Barriers to Co-Creating the Well-Living Workplace for Workplace Transition 3119

workplace transition 3119

Workplace Transition 3119 contains an announcement …  As of this post – there is one more post using the keyword phrase: Workplace Transition ​As of the beginning of September 2019 … the storyline will be:Natural Educator Mentoring – Natural Educator Facilitator A series that begins on first Tuesday of September.  9+1 Barriers to Co-Creating the Well-Living Workplace Attitudinal … […]

Connection Among Servant Leadership, Service Management, Stewardship for Tree Stories 3119

tree stories 3119

Tree Stories 3119 reviews the connection among servant leadership, service management, and steward leadership as it pertains to tree stories and tree trekking … Walked along a winding path looking at the terms: Servant – servant leadership Service – service leadership Steward – steward leadership – stewardship I wanted to see how they are connected?And, are they the correct terms […]