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Change and Transition Linked with the Mentor-Mentee Arrangement for Natural Educator 3819

natural educator 3819

Natural Educator 3819 positions the connection between environmental change and organizational transition. Then, takes those insights and links them to the mentor-mentee arrangement.  Change and Transition Considering the amount of dialogue about change and the workplace, this article is not about rehashing what has already been written – videoed – debated – discussed.Instead, I make a connection between […]

Inner Cosmos from Chris Thomson 3719

chris thomson 3719

Chris Thomson 3719 – his September 2019 three-part series of articles: Part One – This introduction to the “inner cosmos”. Part Two – I describe the inner cosmos itself (Sept 18).Part Three – I give you some advice on how to access your own inner cosmos and make the best of it (Sept 25).   Share0 […]

Use Extraordinary Experiences to Verify the Competence of a Mentor for Natural Educator 3719

Natural Educator 3719 is an article I wrote for someone’s monthly newsletter. Time to share it. I’m fulfilling my month delay.  Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0 Introduction  In January 2018, after five years of deep and rich conversations with mentors about the state and quality of mentoring, and mentor-schools around the world, the International Mentoring Community (IMC) was […]

Enable Children to Become the Great World Citizens They Decide to Be for Wellness 3419

wellness 3419

Wellness 3419 is about enabling the children of the world to experience their child-likeness before becoming the great world citizens they decide to be. Today … on the world, national, regional stages … young people are sharing their stories of tomorrow today, asking aWELLsome questions, challenging community and corporate leaders, and suggesting solutions/insights worth considering and […]

7 Ways to Actualize Trust for Your Workplace Transition 3319

workplace transition 3319

Workplace Transition 3219 is about trust – and ways to materialize trust in your workplace transition. Trust is a workplace pivot point – With it –> accomplishment and achievement. Without it –> absenteeism, confusion, turnover, helplessness, myopia …  REMINDER: As of the beginning of September 2019 … the storyline with shift from Workplace Transition to Mentoring Workplace including Workforce Learning Workplace […]

Enrol People to See New Ways to Engage for Wellness 3319

wellness 3319

Wellness 3319 is about enrolling people – weary of change and its effects – in seeing a new way to once again engage. Are you hearing the deep sighs among your family and friends, at work, and within your communities when you chat about individual/group wellness and large scale/small-scale change? While I appreciate the words “wellness and […]