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Experience Life and The Dynamic Balance(s) of Living for Tree Stories 2319

Tree Stories 2319 is about understanding life and its associated dynamic balance(s) of living … From our ecoliteracy series … This week’s topic is “dynamic balance” … the previous topics were “cycles”, “flow”, “development”  Dynamically balance – dynamically balancing Balance dynamically – balancing dynamically  The video above may require patience … it’s a thick and rich – and thorough – […]

About Persons, Their Relationships, and the Structures that Support Those Relationships re Workplace Transition 2219

workplace transition 2219

Workplace Transition 2119 highlights important considerations about persons, about their relationships, and the structures that support persons’ relationships …  As you manage and lead, one of the more important leading elements is to guide persons to be natural in their trustworthy interactions with one another. Persons rather than people … to remind you – me – those […]

Moving through Regret, Finding Inspiration for Well Living World 2219

well living world 2219

Well Living World 2219 is about making decisions from the choices available as you live your extraordinary life … co-create the well-living workplace … evolve your legacy … and eco-create the wellthy-wealthy world While making your decisions you encounter the feelings of regret and disappointment just as you experience the feelings of inspiration and encouragement. An exciting […]

Experience the Development of the Art of Nature for Tree Stories 2219

tree stories 2219

Tree Stories 2219 is about the “development” of the art of nature on display by Nature and humans interpreting nature From our ecoliteracy series … The previous topics were “cycles” and “flow” – this week it’s about “development”  Above video: A BBC description and explanation of the Art of Nature based on nature’s development and that of humans with […]

Suggested Behaviours that Elevate or Diminish Your Interactions with Others in Meetings re Workplace Transition 2119

workplace transition 2119

Workplace Transition 2119 highlights important behaviours you must consider – exhibit – reflect upon when meeting with others whether in-person and/or online. The article is based on two questions someone asked me the other day. She commented I had a great meeting presence ))smiles … I shared, it’s an outcome of attending way too many meetings over […]