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Can You Describe and Explain What Hinders and Helps Your Workplace Culture for Workplace Transition 2919

workplace transition 2919

Workplace Transition 2919 is a collection of thoughts from my research notebooks about workplace and transition – through the lens of the well-living workplace – with an emphasis on workplace culture (organizational culture).  It is not enough that managers and leaders understand culture and its influences on those involved, those involve must understand culture and the […]

Encroach Vigorously on Your Assumptions, Beliefs, Opinions, and Perceptions for Well Living World 2919

well living world 2919

Well Living World 2919 is about encroaching vigorously on the assumptions, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions that guide your potential and access your possibilities. That is, challenge your assumptions, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions … like a car, it requires a tune-uplike a garden, it requires weeding  About mindfulness – mindset – being mindful … engage in minding your […]

Assess Characteristics #9 & #10 of the Well-Living Workplace for Workplace Transition 2819

workplace transition 2819

Workplace Transition 2819  is the fifth of five overviews of the terms and concepts associated with the 10 characteristics of the well-living workplace. This term is a viable substitute to “healthy workplace” or “better workplace.” In addition, you can complete a quick self-assessment of each characteristic from your organization’s perspective. In doing so, you gain personal […]