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Workplace Generative Space Definitions

Workplace Generative Space Definitions

Summary: Workplace Generative Space Definitions … to establish a baseline. Connecting the two terms to Artists, then your Business asking the question: Is your business a generative space? Defining the Terms Generative and Space … To create generative space requires a better understanding of what is meant by “generative” and “space.”  Let’s start with space. Space is physical in that […]

Workplace, Organization of Work (WOW): Transform Your WOW

workplace organization of work

Summary: Your Workplace Organization of Work (WOW) involves the connections among the strategic, tactical, & operational elements of your workplace as you transition – transact, transform and/or transcend – your WOW …  Organization of work is a term highlighting the systematic (managing systems for people) and the systemic (leading person from system) actions required (must know and do) and requested […]

Well-Living Workplace Definition for WELLth Movement

workplace well living definition

Workplace … noun effect: About activities involving effort for personal achievement and group accomplishment … a means to an income – employment From a when (then and now) and where (there and here) perspectives – workplace (or place of work) is a position in which a person is alive and contributing Workplace … verb effect: About a person involved […]

Making a Movement Definition: Clarity from Consistency

making a movement definition

Summary: Making a Movement Definition outlines the basic elements of growing your business using movement as a core business strategy  Today, Making (Make) a Movement or some form of the phrase like Starting a Revolution is a community and/or societal rally call directed at corporations and entrepreneurs to include social impact and social innovation in their organization of […]

Well Living Workplace Characteristics

well living workplace characteristics

There are ten fundamental well living workplace characteristics useful to 21st Century workplaces based on well-living concepts and practices. Co-creating the well living workplace as a 21st Century business initiative incorporates 10 key characteristics. These well living workplace characteristics are a composite of 30+ years of thinking and feeling, workplace organization and reorganization projects, incorporating the needs and wants of the […]