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Workplace Generative Space Definitions

Workplace Generative Space Definitions

Summary: Workplace Generative Space Definitions … to establish a baseline. Connecting the two terms to Artists, then your Business asking the question: Is your business a generative space? Defining the Terms Generative and Space … To create generative space requires a better understanding of what is meant by “generative” and “space.”  Let’s start with space. Space is physical in that […]

Workplace, Organization of Work (WOW): Transform Your WOW

workplace organization of work

Summary: Your Workplace Organization of Work (WOW) involves the connections among the strategic, tactical, & operational elements of your workplace as you transition – transact, transform and/or transcend – your WOW …  Organization of work is a term highlighting the systematic (managing systems for people) and the systemic (leading person from system) actions required (must know and do) and requested […]

Well-Living Workplace Definition for WELLth Movement

workplace well living definition

Workplace … noun effect: About activities involving effort for personal achievement and group accomplishment … a means to an income – employment From a when (then and now) and where (there and here) perspectives – workplace (or place of work) is a position in which a person is alive and contributing Workplace … verb effect: About a person involved […]

Making a Movement Definition: Clarity from Consistency

making a movement definition

Summary: Making a Movement Definition outlines the basic elements of growing your business using movement as a core business strategy  Today, Making (Make) a Movement or some form of the phrase like Starting a Revolution is a community and/or societal rally call directed at corporations and entrepreneurs to include social impact and social innovation in their organization of […]

Well Living Workplace Characteristics

well living workplace characteristics

There are ten fundamental well living workplace characteristics useful to 21st Century workplaces based on well-living concepts and practices. Co-creating the well living workplace as a 21st Century business initiative incorporates 10 key characteristics. These well living workplace characteristics are a composite of 30+ years of thinking and feeling, workplace organization and reorganization projects, incorporating the needs and wants of the […]

Well Living Workplace Story

well living workplace story

This well living workplace story encourages the co-creation of a 21st Century workplace based on well-living concepts and practices. Co-creating the well living workplace (often written as well-living workplace) is a 21st Century business initiative. Definition Well Living Workplace is a   a place of work where, when and how people live and work well togetherwith the intention of […]

Business Team Important Questions

business team, extraordinary experiences Team-related development is important to entrepreneurial business growth. Yes? No? The line of thought used by many entrepreneurs: With growth comes the involvement of employees (contractors). We have to refer to them as something to bring them together – like a TEAM. If so … ask yourself this important question before developing your business team or teams: […]

Humor Workplace Humour

humor workplace

humor workplace humour, extraordinary experiences With your organization of work, “Are you looking – experiencing – the lighter side of work?”  That is, are you leveraging the four definitions of light? light is to illuminate – light the path light is to reduce burden – lighten the load light is to ground yourself – archaic use of light […]

Managers-Leaders Using Learning Educating To Manage Lead


Your Yearning for Learning for Earning Use Learning and Educating Approaches to Manage and Lead Employee Evolvement Whatever your age you are exploring and evaluating your … World! Workplace! Workspace! As we grow older we become more conscious of how we learn and possibly how we educate. However, there are still holes. And those holes are […]

Collaborative Summary 10 Insights Workplace Hospitality

Collaborative Summary

Collaborative Conversations – A 5 Part Series about Creating the Well-Living Workplace in View and Actions Associated with Hospitality In Closing this Series – a Collaborative Summary … In my book Creating the Well-Living Workplace statement #120 applies: The well-living workplace involves determining the distance and meaning
 of the words expressed between conversational quote signs. The […]