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5 MORE Extraordinary Work Insights You Wish You Knew One Year Ago …WWUBlog

More Extraordinary Work Insights

Here are 5 MORE ​Extraordinary Work Insights You Wish You Knew for your whole system – whole person organization of work (WOW) especially during a business pivot.  They complement the first five found here or #1 … Hierarchy of Values A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to manage and lead from your Hierarchy […]

Hierarchy Values Workplace WWUBlog

hierarchy values workplace

Hierarchy Values Workplace is about the hierarchy of values you manage and lead from on a daily basis. Knowing your hierarchy guides you in the decisions you make in managing and leading. To be clear… “Every person decides from a hierarchy of values. While not clear to most.” With clarity, knowing your hierarchy of values assists […]

Action Outcome Workplace WWUBlog

action outcome workplace

Action Outcome Workplace Approach involves tools and techniques to map, manage, and measure your “whole system – whole person” organization of work. It’s important to sequence actions to actualize outcomes in an Action verb_Outcome noun format like “demonstrate ethical decision making” for your organization of work.Because the action verb is measurable to the outcome of knowledge […]

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