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Friends – A Wellth of Experiences: Life Lessons 18-07

life lessons 18-07

“Friends” – such a welcoming word to describe people you know. They abound in all areas of your extraordinary life. And yet, who are your real friends? Who are the people who will love you unconditionally? I suggest that a lot of people you call friends are -in reality- acquaintances. They are people you are friendly with […]

“Words Matter:” An Awesome Way To Organize Extraordinary Experiences, Life Lessons, and Business Decisions: Life Lessons 18-06

life lessons 18-06

Often before you purchase my company’s services, I am asked for a list of references and credentials. Without hesitation, I can list where and with whom I have worked. When it comes to the question of credentials based on experience, I have a response that satisfies even the most hardened client. And for those who ask about credentials, […]

Life Lessons 18-04: Presentation of YOUR Ideas with Others

Life Lessons 18-04

Situational Story TO Set the Stage Phil sat in his chair. He was watching people walk by on the sidewalk below his window. He was perplexed after his not so pleasant innovation meeting in the boardroom earlier. He was sure he had prepped for his presentation. And still, a couple of his peers told him his proposed idea […]

Life Lessons 18-03: Breaking News! Who’s Writing Your Story?

Life Lessons 18-03

In living your great – extraordinary life it is sometimes helpful to hear, watch, and read how the lives of others unfold. In the business world, biographies literally and figuratively provide insights into how people established their companies. Aspiring athletes can read the exploits of superstars to learn their mental and physical preparations. And biographies […]

Life Lessons #18-01

Life Lessons 18-01

5 Brilliant Actions to Live an Extraordinary Life as a Wellthy-Wealthy EntrepreneurAs an entrepreneur or small-medium sized business owner – with employees – explore & discover what the WELLth Movement has to offer as we celebrate your life and business. Journey with us to learn and express your extraordinary connections between business and life as you […]