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Workplace Issues as Questions to Create the Well-Living Workplace

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5 Workplace Issues, Their Associated Questions Helpful in Creating the Well-Living Workplace (Clarity) Workplace issues are a matter of confusion or conflict, frustration or upset, appreciation or gratitude, celebration or expansion – you put forward in the form of questions. Why in the form of questions?  To diffuse the attendant emotion! Identifying workplace issues (asking questions) within […]

Invigorate Your Life and Leadership Legacy

Life and Leadership Legacy: 28 Practical Ways to Invigorate Your Legacy Contributions With a Smile Leadership Legacy is about the union of today’s outcomes from yesterday’s decisions with how you want to live today and be remembered tomorrow. Leadership Legacy is about your influence, the story thread you share. It’s about how others experience you living your leadership legacy. As […]

Life Legacy: A Core Focal Point for Your Next Fifty

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It’s about your Life Legacy Grandparent Decisions … You’re entering or find yourself in your Next Fifty (Second Fifty, Second Act, Third Act). You’re not ready for the view from the porch. You have some things to do, places to be, emotions to feel, stories to share. You have items on your To Be List […]

21 Life Legacy Lessons from the Alchemist

In celebration of Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist, I wrote these 21 life legacy insights for your consideration. Luck and coincidence are essential elements of a universal language that envelopes all human languages … allow yourself to experience it. There is a language of inspiration, gratefulness and enthusiasm, guided by love and purpose. Transition because of […]

Life Legacy, Leadership Legacy, Question

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Start Somewhere! When IT Comes to Your Life Legacy and Leadership Legacy  You’ve heard the chicken and egg question many times, in many settings. So in one way, it makes sense to you. The paradox it suggests is timely and relevant, no matter where it’s spoken. In this casein’s about life legacy and leadership legacy. The question is: […]