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November Reflections Next Fifty

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Next Fifty Decisions and November Reflections I made a decision early on … I was going to enjoy my Next Fifty. Whereas time is so important in our Next Fifty … I’m mindful of where I am and what I’m doing to loverage time. Where I live -today- from a time perspective – we fall back in […]

27 Leadership Legacy Insights For Life Decisions Today

Leadership Legacy Among the Trees

After reading Kouzes and Posner’s A Leader’s Legacy (2006), I wrote the following 27 insights about leadership legacy. Preamble: Each leadership legacy statement is rich in meaning and resounding in consequence. Spend time with each statement. Consider the statement’s importance for your leadership legacy decisions today for outcomes tomorrow. Discover and share YOUR authentic leadership legacy voice in […]

Leverage Your Leadership Legacy as a Grandparent Mentor and Facilitator

Leverage Your Leadership Legacy as a Grandparent Mentor and Facilitator

Use Your Current Professional Practices and Standards to Guide Your Grandchildren’s Curiosity  The concept of professional practice used here moves beyond architects, engineers, doctors and lawyers to encompass auditors, nurses and pharmacists. Also, those who manage and lead are included albeit as quasi-professionals. These job titles are illustrative. You can add others that pertain to […]

Share Your Leadership Legacy Through Educating Others

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 When YOU Listen You Learn; When YOU Share you Educate  Here are ten insights about sharing your leadership legacy with others. Also, these insights are useful to all aspects of your life legacy. Take the time to read each one. Formulate how you will action both over the week ahead. Do so! And keep a […]

Yes, You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! Reverse Mentoring

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by: liberty forrest (Writer and Huffington Post contributor)on assignment for WELLth Learning Network The old joke used to be that if you couldn’t open your childproof medicine, ask a kid to do it for you. Who’d have thought this would be a portent of much bigger things to come? Yet here we are, a good chunk of […]