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For April 2021: Trembling Aspen

  • Apr 7, 2021 - Introduction
  • Apr 14, 2021 - How the Tree Serves Nature & Humans
  • Apr 21, 2021 - Metaphoric Meaning
  • Apr 28, 2021 - Showing the Tree Some Love
April Aspen Winter

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Aspen Introduction

Introduction: Trembling Aspen

April Aspen Leaf

April Aspen Summer

Trembling Aspen is a Deciduous Tree -  in other words, it sheds in leaves in winter

Aspen -- Populous Genus 

Types of Aspen trees

  • Swedish - Europe
  • European
  • Trembling - North America
  • Quaking - North America
April Aspen Hand Drawn Leaf

Hand drawing - Stephen Hobbs, February 2021

Found in cooler, temperate, Northern climates

Leaves tremble (quake) because of the flatten leaf stock (petiole)... this "shivering" in the breeze is away for the tree to defer insects from feeding and laying eggs

Narrow - column version (Swedish) decorates where there is limited space around the house

Shallow roots on clay and sandy soil - becomes a tough and adaptable shade tree 

Short lived - often replaced by conifers; 50 years, and have a 125 year young tree in Alberta, Canada

Bark --- whitish - smooth - thin

April Pescott_Woodland-Friends

Jim Pescott - Artist
Original Paintings - Prints - Commissions
FB: https://www.Facebook.com/JimPescottPaintingsinDots

April Pescott_-Aspen-Spring
April Pescott_Dance-Whenever


Guide to the Common Native Trees and Shrubs of Alberta. Government of Alberta -- Pg. 29 - Aspen

Reference to Aspen in TreeCanada.ca

How the Aspen Serves Nature - Humans

Aspen Serves

How the Trembling Aspen Tree Serves:

  • pulpwood ... particle board
  • making boxes ... furniture parts
  • matches ... chopsticks
  • twigs and foliage browsed as food 
  • pioneer tree after fires, logging, and abandonment of fields  
    "Aspen is noted for its ability to regenerate vegetatively by shoots and suckers arising along its long lateral roots. Root sprouting results in many genetically identical trees, in aggregate called a "clone". All the trees in a clone have identical characteristics and share a root structure." Source

Aspen Ecology and Animals - USDA Forest Service
Aspen Decline - USDA Forest Service
Managing Aspen - USDA Forest Service

Government of Canada - Natural Resources Canada
Province of British Columbia - Forestry

Metaphoric Meaning: Trembling Aspen

Aspen Metaphoric

The Metaphor Meaning of Trembling Aspen

The name of the tree hints at its metaphoric meaning (its nature)
About the "trembling' of the leaves and the 'propagating root system"

From the "trembling leaves" - about conquering fears (nervousness) 
The tree quivers with the slightest breeze - it's on the move - a way of shielding itself
Like when things get breezy in life - we feel uncomfortable (worried)

Aspen in Greek means shield
About dealing with the shadow side of self - leading to self-confidence issues especially in interactions 
The aspen wood was used to make shields - as a warrior faced the foe, the shield protected the warrior

Highlighted strength of diversity and inclusion
The root system asexually propagates new growth 
When fire moves through Aspen forests it does (usually) kill the trees 
A community grows with the inclusion of young and old even in the bad times 

An aspen forest can be thousand of years old 

The way the leaves tremble
The root system propagates
Suggests do not hide your gifts
Let your gifts be seen, let your community experience your gifts

Resource #1
Resource #2
Resource #3

April Aspen Hand Drawn Colored

Giving Trembling Aspen Some Love

Aspen Love

Jump over to Google - in the search bar: type in Aspen ... and you'll see a forest of pics and videos like those below.

Also, I added a few images and articles you might enjoy - all in the effort of showing Aspen some LOVE!




Wikipedia: Aspen Tree - overview
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-((lists various types by location))

Wikipedia: Trembling Aspen - in particular
... link here

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In celebration of the Aspen Tree - TU!

April Pescott_-Aspen-Spring

A tree thought... and when somewhere becomes popular, then care is required when walking among the trees and terrain. Remain alert to your wild kin and the interactions you have with them. 

 When you listen you learn; where you share you educate ...
"A truer truism to be truthfully told by all travellers"

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