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For May 2021: Spruce 

  • Introduction 
  • How the Tree Serves  Nature & Humans
  • Metaphoric Meaning
  • Showing the Tree Some Love
Spruce Tree Needles

Background of spruce tree branches. Full frame spruce tree background. Spruce natural texture and pattern.

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Spruce Introduction

Spruce Introduction

Introduction: Spruce

Spruce Winter Snow

A cold scene in winter of snow covered spruce trees

Spruce is a Coniferous Tree -  in other words, it does not shed its needles in winter

Spruce-- Picea Genus 

Types of Spruce trees

  • White - Boreal Forest
  • Blue - US Rocky Mountains
  • Black - Boreal Forest 
  • Norway - Northern Europe
  • Engelmann - Rocky Mountains
  • Sitka - Pacific Coast, NA 
  • Siberia - Siberia, Russia
Spruce Hand-Drawing

Hand drawing - Stephen Hobbs, May  2021

Found in moist soils in humid, cool, and temperate regions (Norway)
Up to timberline (Engelmann)
Along mountain streams (Blue)
Wet, boggy soils (Black)
Various soil types (White ) 

Sub-Antarctica - Sitka Spruce - a lone tree on the island south of New Zealand

Resources - Canada:

Guide to the Common Native Trees and Shrubs of Alberta. Government of Alberta -- Pg. 16 - Spruce

Reference to Spruce in TreeCanada.ca - type in Search: Spruce

How the Spruce Serves Nature - Humans

Spruce Serves

How the Spruce Tree Serves:

  • lumber for construction, pulpwood (White, Sitka, and Black)
  • ornamental - garden trees (Blue, others with pruning)
  • piano sounding boards, violins, musical instruments (White and Sitka)
  • winter browse for animals (Black and White) 
  • Spruce gum (Black)
  • Spruce beer//tea (Black) - overcome scurvy
  • Christmas tree (Blue)
  • aircraft construction (Sitka)

Black Spruce - USDA Forest Service
White Spruce - USDA Forest Service

Government of Canada - Natural Resources Canada - Spruce
Province of British Columbia - Forestry - Engelmann

Metaphoric Meaning: Spruce

Spruce Metaphoric

The Metaphor Meaning of Spruce

Resource - resilience and strength 
Resource - First Nation (SW_USA) perspective 
Resource - Druid perspective

Blue Spruce

Close up of a blue spruce tree.

Giving Spruce Some Love

Spruce Love

Jump over to Google - in the search bar: type in Spruce... and you'll see a forest of pics and videos like those below.

Also, I added a few images and articles you might enjoy - all in the effort of showing Spruce some LOVE!

Article: Haida (Canada) mythology

Article: Spruce in Michigan, USA

Video below: The Golden Spruce

Video below: How to Identify a Spruce Tree

Wikipedia: Spruce Tree - overview
... link here
-((lists various types by location))

Wikipedia: OLD Norway Spruce - in particular 
... link here

If you have images - stories - videos that would inform others about the Story of the Spruce Tree ...

Please use the Contact Form and we''ll make arrangements to add them to this page with attribution to you!

In celebration of the Spruce Tree - TU!

Spruce Forest Under Canopy

The old spruce forest in falls morning

A tree thought... and when somewhere becomes popular, then care is required when walking among the trees and terrain. Remain alert to your wild kin and the interactions you have with them. 

 When you listen you learn; where you share you educate ...
"A truer truism to be truthfully told by all travellers"

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Trees are the truth tellers of what was, what is, and what can be.

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