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For March 2021: Larch

  • Mar 14, 2021 - Introduction
  • Mar 17, 2021 - How the Larch Serves Nature
  • Mar 24, 2021 - Metaphoric Meaning
  • Mar 31, 2021 - Showing Larch Some Love
Larch Tundra

The end of the summer on the Putorana plateau. The valley of the river Mikchangda, Russia

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Larch Introduction

Introduction: Larch

Larch Needle

Branch of larch tree with young shoots, close-up, the needles grow in bundles

Larch Grain

Larch wood plank board useful as a background

Larch with yellow needles grow along the fence in the Park. The first snow fell.

Larch is a Deciduous Conifer -  in other words, it loses its needles in winter

Larch -- Larix Genus
Pinaceae Family

Types of Larch trees

  • Alpine 
  • European
  • Siberian
  • Tamarack
  • American
  • Eastern
  • Western
Larch Hand Drawn Needles

Hand drawing - Stephen Hobbs, January 2021

Found in cooler, temperate, Northern climates
High slopes of Southern climates

Not a showy tree when in green;
However as it prepares for winter, it's yellowish color in the panorama of green offers another story - see pic below

Larch Panorama Michael Fox

Panorama Skylum Aurora HDR from RAF in LR.  Dempster Highway 2017 (Michael Fox)


Guide to the Common Native Trees and Shrubs of Alberta. Government of Alberta -- Pg. 24 - Tamarack

Blog Article with TreeCanada.ca

Alberta Forest Genetic Research Council - refers to Alpine Larch and Tamarack

Comaparing Shapes 18 Trees

How the Larch Serves Nature - Humans

Larch Serves

How the Larch Tree Serves:

  • Use as fence posts and building material (more durable than most softwoods)
  • Use as flooring for barns - natural rot resistant 
  •  As a pioneer species - that returns after fire
  •  For building of yachts and boats - boat planking
  •  Can become bonsai trees and ornamental trees in gardens when shaped

Article:  For the Love of Larch

Metaphoric Meaning: Larch

Larch Metaphoric

The Metaphor Meaning of Larch 

  • Connection - nature and you so you can recover, rest, rejuvenate
  • As a World Tree(Siberia) - serves as a "Ladder to the Skies" 
  • Here "... to nurture our soul until we are ready to see that we are the ones we have been waiting for"

Website support for above: Spiritual meaning of Larch

Some personal thoughts:

  • As a deciduous conifer, I'm reminded of the two ends of a stick ... in that the Larch holds two perspectives - in dynamic balance which suggests a reason for its metaphor meaning as connector
  • It's yearly story on the landscape of moving from green to yellow to without to green is striking when witnessed - a story of transition
  • And, it reminds me of what to let go (fall and winter) and what to keep (spring and fall) ... the necessary cycle of cleaning the story of my mind in support of my soul and spirit, and my contribution-connection with the wholverse (whole verse rather than uni verse)
Larch Branch Close Up Needles
Larch Trees Landscape Walking
Larch artistic

Giving Larch Some Love

Larch Love

March 31

Jump over to Google - in the search bar: type in Larch ... and you'll see a forest of pics and videos like those below.

Also, I added a few images and articles you might enjoy - all in the effort of showing Larch some LOVE!

Article:  For the Love of Larch

Article: Larch Tree - growing a Larch tree 

Pictures: Larch Tree - Getty Images 

Picture + Text - Larch Tree

Wikipedia: Larch Tree - overview ... link here
-((lists various types by location))

If you have images - stories - videos that would inform others about the Story of the Larch Tree ...

Please use the Contact Form and we''ll make arrangements to add them to this page with attribution to you!

In celebration of the Larch Tree - TU!

A tree thought... and when somewhere becomes popular, then care is required when walking among the trees and terrain. Remain alert to your wild kin and the interactions you have with them. 

 When you listen you learn; where you share you educate ...
"A truer truism to be truthfully told by all travellers"

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Trees are the truth tellers of what was, what is, and what can be.

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