73 Ways to Deal with a Sticky Situation Through Leveraging Your Stick-To-It-Ness Business Decisions 18-01:

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Business Decisions 18-01 = 1st in the Work Well Together series 

You may be stuck (stuckness) or experiencing a situation that is not fulfilling your personal hierarchy of values nor matching the organizational values (sticky situation).

Because of this stuckness and/or sticky situation it’s useful to identify the measure of stickiness you require to deal with the stuckness and/or impact/reduce/eliminate the sticky situation.

Therefore, the actions you decide to apply bring forward your “stick-to-it-ness

Path Forward for Your Stick-To-It-Ness:

Consider …

  • To frame and learn moves you ahead.
  • Make a decision from what you framed and learned moves you forward even more.
  • To action your decision results in your outcomes. Now you are really moving forward.
  • Therefore, your outcomes are from what you frame and learn for making ethical decisions you action for the outcomes you ___ … and so, the flywheel is in motion.

Now, you are unstoppable!

business decisions 18-01

73 Actions To Leverage Your Stick-To-It-Ness 

The 73 actions suggested below can apply at work, when volunteering, while recreating, for health, with family and friends, enthusing work colleagues, answering customer and client questions, and dealing with pesky irritants wherever you might encounter them.

Use one at a time.
Use “n” actions in combinations.
You have so many actionable pathways to move forward that you do not have enough days in your life to use them all.

And so …

  1. Act in a non-threatening way 
  2. Act with prudence and wisdom build on experience shared

  3. Announce decisions and be ready to back off

  4. Appreciate different ways of getting things done

  5. Arouse connection within the conversation

  6. Ask and offer before develop and deliver

  7. Ask for commitment 
  8. Ask others to resolve their disagreements themselves
  9. Ask others who disagree with you for their opinion 
  10. Be a group/team player 

  11. Be an advocate 
  12. Be aware if kindness and empathy are working 
  13. Be clear and simple in presentation 
  14. Be considerate

  15. Be guided by self-worth

  16. Be helpful; add value to the conversation 
  17. Be responsive rather than reactive 
  18. Be socially responsible

  19. Be willing to compromise or attempt another course of action 
  20. Be willing to relinquish leading or managing 

  21. Be willing to transition and adapt 
  22. Build a coalition and move forward unilaterally 
  23. Champion ideas 
  24. Come to the situation ready to be surprised 
  25. Communicate frequently 
  26. Connect through organization values

  27. Consider what you want from this situation

  28. Creep up carefully on the use of authority 
  29. Decide how far to go and stick to that 
  30. Disclose useful information 

  31. Do nothing 
  32. Emphasize gains when the other person fears loss 
  33. Establish decision rules
  34. Explain the issues and ideas in ways others may understand 
  35. Find and involve those who care about the issue

  36. Find another job 
  37. Force involvement 
  38. Get advocates involved 
  39. Get input from different perspectives and constituencies 
  40. Give encouragement and reinforcement
  41. Hold honesty and trustworthiness as key values in the conversation 
  42. Identify resistance and resistors 
  43. Identify the issue (whether as a problem or appreciation) 
  44. Include others in this conversation 
  45. Invest in relationship in terms of time
  46. Keep objectives limited 
  47. Keep the conversation in the front of the person 
  48. Keep the doors open 
  49. Lobby when you need to 
  50. Make the long perspective well known and lobby for it
  51. Put your foot down when necessary 
  52. Recognize and let go of your biases 
  53. Recognize differences in opinions

  54. Recognize the political situation and work within it 
  55. Recognize what others want and need 
  56. Recognize your emotions in this situation 
  57. Recognize your motives and the other’s motives 
  58. Recognize your viewpoint 
  59. Remain cooperative while being assertive 
  60. Shift the reward and recognition system

  61. Show concern for others feelings 
  62. Suggest an educational update for one or both 
  63. Take care of yourself, and then take care of others

  64. Take time to collect all points of view 
  65. Take time to identify alternative solutions 
  66. Treat others with respect 
  67. Use a trial balloon 
  68. Use dialogue before discussion before debate
  69. Use roundtables where possible
  70. Voice caution when the other party acts abruptly
  71. Wait and see
  72. Widen the community of those concerned

  73. Withhold information and see what happens
organizational health

Example for #BusinessDecisions, 
As You Work Well Together:

At work, you’ve assessed group productivity is low.

You decide to follow this pathway 72 + 51 + 43 + 21 ...
Review this pathway.

What would happen if you followed one of these pathways:

51 + 43 + 72 + 21
21 + 72 + 51 + 43
43 + 51 + 21 + 72

Switch out 43 for 3 in each combination. Now what happens?

Have fun!
Best wishes in the use of these actions to improve, focus and strengthen your stick-to-it-ness - for your business decisions.

Moving the 73 Ways Into Your Life = #LifeLessons

Over the next 14 days (if you want to include weekends).

On Day 1:
Copy actions one 1 through 10 onto a page
Space them down the page
Explore the relevance of each one to your stuckness and/or to a sticky situation
Keep those that resonate with you (create your Action Resonance List)
Park the others on another page to revisit another time (call it a Parking Lot List)
Select one from the Action Resonance List - make it happen! 

On Day 2:
Repeat steps under Day 1 with actions 11 through 20.

On Day 3:
Repeat for actions 21 through 30.

Continue till Day 7 using 71 through 73.

On Day 8 - reflect on the actions you taken - how is your life today?
For Days 9 through 13, fine tune - wash-rinse-repeat you selected actions.
On Day 14 - reflect on the actions you taken - how is your life today?

Start a new 14-day cycle!

Along the way you may identify additional actions.
Add them to either of the lists you’ve created:

  1. The Action Resonance List to leverage your Stick-To-It-Ness
  2. The Parking Lot List to review later when list A needs a refit

Share your insights with us … we’ll continue to learn together!

To Work Well Together involves your stick-to-it-ness! 

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Business Decisions 18-01

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