December 7, 2022

Business Case for Mentoring

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What is a Business Case for Mentoring?

00:00 Introduction

04:38 Mentoring Definition

05:55 Business Case for Mentoring
From a person’s-persons’ perspective
You as mentor - you as program coordinator (manager) - [or C-suite (champion)] 

06:19 In general - connecting “Business of” with “Mentoring”:
Quick response – Emphasis on the Organization of TEM Time Effort Money SYSTEMS

08:24 Across Language:
Goals, Objectives, Action Steps
Learning Outcomes, Learning Objectives, Learning Activities Profile (Competency) Category, Action-Outcome Statement, Concepts & Practices

10:26 Using Words like:
Maximize and Minimize
Increase and Decrease
Gain and Loss
Start and Stop (Continue)

11:26 Key Performance Indicators for person - achievement
Key Productivity Indicators for persons - accomplishment

13:42 Why:
1) Met original outcomes as a program to support personal/professional/organizational intentions
2) Confirm use of mentoring to deal with issues with agreed upon initiatives
3) Encourage involvement of mentor and mentee
4) Ensure correction of concepts and practices because of mentoring
5) Determine the ripple effect of the mentoring program


20:04 Seeking a mentor - personal/professional learning-growth-development
Serving as a mentor - entrepreneur

20:50 Mentor in a corporate setting
Mentor in organizational settings - charitable, academic, governmental, etc.

21:45 Mentee inside an organization - mentor inside and/or mentor outside

22:30 Organization program - inside
Organization program - outside
Organization program - hybrid

24:10 Formal and Informal


25:06 Measurement:
Words and/or Numbers
Words: Description - Interpretation - Rescription ___ of Narrative Numbers: Importance and Satisfaction like % on x and y axes 

28:54 Time and Place - pre, during, post
Change and transition; context and culture

30:00 Rewards and Recognition
Motivation and Inspiration Awareness…Intention from__

31:45 Attention for:
Reaction (creation)
Learning (knowing)
Impact of,
Precession because of
Return on Integration (learning and educating by investment) 

36:00 Business Case for Program Growth Itself, and its ripple effect Matching - mentor and mentee, satisfaction and importance
Participant Growth - for both; personal and professional Organization Culture - culture (foreground and background)
Contextual Feed-forward and Feed-fromward
Case for:
Connect - Converse - Complete
Curate & Correspond

43:30 What is the hook of your mentoring approach (story) that keeps mentoring front and center as an educational approach for the betterment of the organization of resource allocation for person and/or persons?
Mentoring supports leading a person (persons) from safer practices…


**_**_ Two IMC videos:
10 essentials of a mentoring business (2022)
9 Measures of Success - Mentoring (2020)

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