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Summary: Discover and Explore Your Brilliance Factor(s) as an Entrepreneur | Answer these 10 Brilliance Questions to get started | Then ask, "So what, Now what, What else?" | Look for themes and interpret their meaning for you, your business, your employees, and your customers. 

Brilliance Questions: Slowing Down and Reflecting-On-Action to Discover and Explore Your Brilliance Factor(s) as an Entrepreneur ...  

During one of my many reflection-on-action hours, I jotted down these 10 questions to explore and discover my brilliance as an entrepreneur.

I appreciated the time I gifted myself to answer these questions. Because, I found a hole in my customer on-boarding. 

It wasn't until the beginning of the year, I consistently asked my customers, "What was the source of their brilliance?" Their answers were amazing.

So far, I noticed two themes.

First, the source of their brilliance was "knowing thyself." The more they worked on themselves, the more brilliant they became in all aspects of their lives.

Second, they often received comments like "your brilliance is too bright." "Dumb it down will you, you're too smart (too brilliant)." A few of the respondents mentioned it hurt to hear the these well-meaning put-downs.

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Personally - I get both themes - especially the second one. It ... did ... hurt!

10 Brilliance Questions

  • What does the word "brilliance" mean to you?​
  • What is your brilliance?
  • In what ways does sharing your brilliance as an entrepreneur influence your tribe, community?
  • What is the source of your brilliance?
  • What do you do to keep yourself brilliant?
  • How would you like to extend your brilliance with the world?
  • If someone does not know about their brilliance, how can they find it?
  • What word do you associate with your brilliance?
  • Where do you share your brilliance?
  • When do you share your brilliance?

"Your brilliance is being you for the world."

These questions will be used in an online survey I'm distributing in June, 2017. Therefore, if you have edits (add, alter, delete) before the end of May, 2017, please add your suggestions to the comment section below.

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