Creating the Well-Living Workplace
Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Leadership Legacy Well-Living Workplace
Read 139 Insights for Creating the Well-living Workplace. 
  • Use the book to stimulate ideas you can implement in your workplace NOW.
  • Use the book to guide conversations among your staff, volunteers and customers re: THEIR suggestions for creating the well-living workplace. 
  • Use the book to strengthen YOUR managing and leading approach.

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Allan Serafino, PhD Author and Learning Consultant

‘The well-living workplace involves separating the news from the noise.’

"Keep a place on your desk for this one, not on your bookshelf. Unlike so many other books on workplace learning, Creating the Well-Living. Workplace invites us to be aware of, to reflect and to act upon our workday experiences in a way that is accessible and realistic. But it won’t do to keep these reflections to yourself. In 139 easy-to-grasp tenets Stephen Hobbs offers us a means to share our ‘path of learning’ with others.”

In the Book, You Will Discover:

Improve and Focus 

... your efforts on reducing/eliminating problems the hinder/hold you back and converting/maintaining appreciative issues that help/move you forward in creating the well-living workplace.  

Engage and Involve 

... staff, volunteers and customers in problem resolution and appreciative expansion in their words, on their terms and in ways that that has them help you manage and lead 

Explore and Discover 

... new suggestions and surprises to brighten your day, reduce distress and build your expertise as you boost individual performance and leverage group productivity 

Highlight and Prioritize

... agreed upon approaches to creating a place of work where people live and work well together that grows self-confidence in those involved and their reasoning skills as they reduce errors

About the Author: Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Dr Stephen (Steve) Hobbs' business contributions and interests include MAPPing Your Organization of Work for sustainable breakthroughs. He does so by having you navigate your workplace culture in the words of those involved.

And thereafter, he guides you to manage lead involvement of staff, volunteers and customers through facilitative mentoring and implementation coaching to develop, implement and evaluate the Plan of Action.

At all times he uses experience-based tools to lead learning and decision-making, and competence verification techniques to manage plans and actions.

He has written and self-published books such as Living Your Great Life (2010) and Co-Creating the Well-Living World (2010). In addition, he self-publishes practical books highlighting the important elements of his Organization of Work approach. The series title is Managing-Leading [followed by the subject of the book]. These books are available though this website.

He balances his life with writing, walking, and cooking gluten-free/lactose-free meals. World travel is woven into his life decisions as he reinforces his #YourNextFifty odyssey to live and work around the world. He is doing great, so far!

What People Are Saying About the Book

With Creating the Well-Living Workplace, Stephen Hobbs has crafted a flexible and comprehensive tool that will be especially useful to teams who want to figure out how to improve the liveability and productivity of their organizations. This is an ambitious book that reveals the author’s considerable knowledge about how organizations work and how only people can use reflection, self-understanding, and responsible action to create a workplace that lives up to its true potential.

Keith Johansen, PhD
Capella University

Dr. Stephen Hobbs has provided an interesting presentation of key concepts useful in contemporary organizations. The culture choices outlined in Creating the Well-Living Workplace and the workbook format provide the leverage our organizations need to ensure that we are on the right path towards building adaptive, proactive, generative environments.

Tom Marcinkiewicz, MA, CHRM
Royal Roads University

What A Manager Said About Dr. Stephen Hobbs

I sought Stephen to help me with two objectives: to become a clear, concise communicator and to navigate through a strategy to lead innovative environmental and energy performance within an oil and gas company that would demonstrate the possibilities for the industry to improve the quality of the environment, not simply protect it.

Stephen is a “wordie” and his coaching style resonated with me. When communication was essential, Stephen’s effective structured thought process was easily mapped in my brain to draw upon and enable me to clearly and concisely communicate.

With respect to strategically influencing change within the organization, his insight into navigating and influencing various roles and other’s objectives was priceless. Stephen has a style and method that works and I would seek him out again for strategic coaching.

Trina Hoffarth 
Manager Sustainability Initiatives
Leadership Legacy Well-Living Workplace
A Practicable Read ... Identifying 139 Insights with Actionable Prompts for Creating Your Well-Living Workplace with the involvement of your staff, volunteers and customers.
  • Use the book to
    _ engage and enliven your imagination
    _ grow and support the people involved
    _ access real world answers to situational questions
    _ increase quality of work

Why Wait? Get the PDF version of book now: