Earth Day 2023 - Awareness FOR Forests. ..
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I'm being FOR the World, WITH the Planet, FROM the Whole... 

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Awareness FOR Forests. . .Awarests2 (June 2023)

Awarests2 publication date ~June 21, 2023
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Awareness FROM Forests. . .Awarests1 (March 2023)

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Awarests 1 Front Cover
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Awarests 1 Table of Contents 1
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Introduction (Background) to Awarests 

Awarests is about Awareness FROM Forests

Forests that are real and imaginary.

Forests are places and spaces (splaces):

  • When stories arrive for sharing.
  • Where drawings are for displaying.
  • Where articles and poems are scattered for reading.
  • Where pictures and word images are for viewing.
  • Where the forest is educator.
  • Where forest is a space and place for natural quietness.

Forests grow for reasons of Awareness.
Awareness includes the mystery of intention.
And, the history of attention. 
Where forests are places to arrive with intention.
Where forests excite attention in real ways and metaphoric ways.

Awarests is made up of aware and rests.
A reminder that awareness and forests are important for self care.
Awarests is a living-systems educator extraordinaire. 

March 2, 2023

tree stories 2219 Awarest

An early drawing when Awarest (without the second "s") was conceived.
The full history of Awarest to Awarests follows the publication of Awarests1.

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Update on Awarests2

June 21st, 2023 the 2nd issue of Awarests arrives = Awarests2 = Awareness FOR Forests 

It's a curation of stories and pictures, puzzles and coloring images, & articles and videos posted and collected over the last 5 years and research.

It outlines the "unfolding story" of as

  • an intention, 
  • a paperback book and magazine, and as
  • a way for us to share time and location in being for the world, with the planet, and from the whole.  
  • to submit "something" for the book - read the Submission Guidelines below

Submission Guidelines for Awarest 2: June 1, 2023

Awarests Submission Guidelines 181
Awarests Submission Guidelines 182
Awarests Submission Guidelines 183

If you have questions - suggestion - comments - funnies about (for) Awarests publications
- see the email above the arrow (in the Submission Guidelines) or use our
Contact Form
AND if, you have an alternative "presentation format" - use the email for your questions!

Walking Your Pathway

A TREEmendous way to stay close to the Awarests projects/program, add your first name and email address below. We will not communicate about anything else than and the support of the WELLth Movement. Period!

History: We experimented with publishing a 1/4ly magazine for the Dinner Optimist Club of Calgary (see Growing Optimism tab).
The front covers of 4 publications are below. Click an image to go to the publication.
In each publication are payment buttons, if you feel called to help the club and the junior club with a tree related project in Uganda. 

Growing Optimism December 2021

Four covers of Growing Optimism are above and to the right... with them, 

Growing Optimism March 2022

...we were testing ideas for publishing Awarests1 (March 21, 2023). We developed crossword puzzles, tree coloring outlines, word search puzzles, etc.

Growing Optimism June 2022

The GO Magazine - in PDF and flip-magazine formats - are available on the pages you visit when you click on an image.

Growing Optimism September 2022

The GO Magazines were published on the equinoxes and solstices as will Awarests. 

stephen hobbs

From the Desk of
Dr. Stephen Hobbs
Founder and Editor
Awarests on (soon)

Awarests is the name of the book//magazine in paperback, pdf and eventually flip-magazine formats.
It's webpage domain will be Available: by Fall 2023.
This project/program is my nature-aware legacy contribution.
It's my gift FOR the World, WITH the Planet, and FROM the Whole.

It's a way to raise funding
for nature-based//nature-inspired//nature-informed
projects & programs involving
trees and children, and forests
and the flora and fauna
that arrives to visit.
More information about the fund raising is found at Wellth Giving
We've started small and working onwards since late 2000s. 

Bur Oak

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