Written by Stephen Hobbs

Fives Signs You are Awakening As a Leader 

Guest Post: Melanie Benson 

Leadership is not a just a title reserved for CEOs of big companies. Leadership is a behavior, a way of being, and a key role for anyone who wants to make a bigger impact.

Often, the idea of leadership is associated with an old model of competition-driven, corporate-minded, Fortune 500 business. If you think leading is just about managing a team or driving results, think again.

The minute you influence action in another human being, you are leading. When you inspire others to pursue a common vision, you are leading. And as an entrepreneur, when you connect to your bold vision and invite others to support you in achieving it, you are leading.

If you still aren’t sure, here’s five ways that the everyday person is emerging as a leader:

  1. Your Work Impacts Others

One of the first signs that you are evolving into a leader is that your programs and offerings are affecting change in others. For instance, you might have coaching programs or trainings where people pay you to advise them. Or you’ve developed products that make someone’s life work better. Perhaps your colleagues are now turning to YOU to be their mentor and guide.  When your offerings are influencing the behaviors, choices and future success of others, you are their leader.

  1. You’ve Left the Pack Behind

Often as you evolve your own business and step up your game, you’ll discover that you are at the top of a pinnacle where not many others will join you. From this place, you may feel isolated or alone. You might recognize not many people “get you” and you can’t just turn to your team or a friend for advice. You may even be making decisions that NO ONE understands but you. As a leader you’ll often make choices to forge new territory — and everyone else will think you have lost your mind.

  1. Your Vision is Much Bigger Than Your Capabilities

As you outpace your peers and reach for new horizons, your vision of what’s possible expands. For many leaders, you will find yourself in a quandary – your ideas will always be bigger than you know how to achieve. As a leader you can’t accomplish everyone on your own. Instead of pushing yourself and working into the wee hours of the night, your job is to cultivate a great team and a support system of people who get you so you can pull off your big vision. Make sure one of these people is a coach who gets where you are at now.

  1. Comfort No Longer Applies

This factor isn’t always fun, but it happens naturally as you step up your game. Becoming a leader often means you will always be changing, growing, taking risks, doing things that scare the crap out of you, and living in the unknown. Accepting that there won’t be a lot of certainty can keep you from feeling abnormal. As a leader, we often have to tackle the inner game so we can appreciate our ever-changing situation so fear and doubt doesn’t paralyze progress.

  1. Your Role Inspires Others

Another sign you are emerging as a leader is when who you are being inspire others. Perhaps your colleagues start to take notice of your success and want to know HOW you’ve done it. Or that book you finally published is a catalyst for people you’ve never met to become the best version of themselves. At this point in your journey you are showing others what’s possible.

When your actions inspire others, your role as a leader takes on a whole new level of responsibility. Whether you like it or not, your role in your business (and probably your life too) is guiding others. Take stock and ask yourself if your level of integrity is where you know it should be. Will you be proud of the legacy you are leaving behind? Leadership also means being someone that others can and will respect.

When you embrace your role as leader, you’ll find that your big goals happen faster. You’ll make better decisions, tap into uncommon resources, and use your time 100 times more efficiently.

This shift into leadership isn’t always an intuitive one, as most people try to achieve more success the same way they got to their current level of success.

But that’s the most difficult approach.

The key is to learn how to think like a leader so that you can accelerate profitable results — and expand with more grace and ease.

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Awaken Leadership Summit
Guest Post: Melanie Benson, Profit Amplifier, Host of Awaken Leadership series

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