February 18, 2016

Are You Taking Care of the Lawful and Financial Aspects of Your Legal Legacy?

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7 Provisions and 7 People To Get Involved in Organizing Your Next Fifty Legal Legacy Requirements with Peace of Mind and Joy of Heart

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The legal and financial aspects of your life and leadership legacy or “Legal Legacy” is about safeguarding the lawful requirements of your life and business, and verifying the financial giving you organize while living and upon your death.

Disclaimer: The “legal legacy” information hereon is from my personal experience. The suggestions follow what made sense for me from a prevention mindset and preparation approach.

I encourage you to seek professional support when making all decisions concerning the lawful and financial aspects of your legal legacy. AND, the sooner the better!

Legal Legacy is about:

  1. filing your ethical will for disbursement of your business, estate and money. Also, it includes allowances and requests for pets and employees.
  2. writing your living will to detail the degree of medical intervention you will allow.
  3. ensuring insurance policies and associated paperwork is in order.
  4. setting up a philanthropic pathway in support of an existing charity and/or the creation of one that supports your giving intentions. There are merits to both formats.
  5. sharing your requests for your body/organ donation – whether yes or no – be clear.
  6. clarifying how you want friends and family to celebrate your funeral or passing over ceremony. Give guidance about your eulogy and suggest the type and level of participation of those present at your funeral.
  7. disbursing your “Legacy Notes” and “Legacy Portfolio” to others before or after your funeral.

Legacy Notes is correspondence in preselected media format to be given to someone who you want to see, feel and experience an appreciative message.

Legacy Portfolio is documentation in preselected media format depicting your life, leadership and literacy legacy. It’s given to family and/or friends. It may contribute to your funeral ceremonies.


7 People To Involve With Your Legal Legacy

The following four suggestions are ideas based on personal experience. Your situation may require more or less support. Whatever your situation, its recommended you seek professional advice to ensure all lawful and financial matters receive due diligence. In addition, monitor your legal legacy as you live your life in case adjustments are required.

  1. For your charitable pathway, body donation living will, insurance policies, and ethical will you require the involvement of accountants, licensed financial planners and lawyers.
  2. For your will and estate disbursement it’s suggested you ask a family member and/or friend to serve as your executor with your lawyer’s assistance.
  3. As to your funeral ceremonies your executor and lawyer are involved with your family and friends, and the funeral director.  All follow the instructions you leave. Including the disbursement of the Legacy Notes and use of the Legacy Portfolio.
  4. Where available you can involve a Funeral Celebrant. This person interacts with family and friends to create and oversee the funeral ceremony in accordance with your beliefs, values and wishes.

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Legacy is for giving! Legacy is in you to share!

Make it a wellthy day,

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