October 17, 2017

Answering Movement Query 2: A Question of Concept Bias

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Summary: Sharing a thought in response to this Movement Query 2 from questioning the use of the term movement: 

"i am challenged by the word movement.  When I think of movements, I think of disenfranchised people coming together to try to change something so they feel more empowered. The feminist movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, the Conscious Capitalism movement, the labour movement, etc. 

Yes, there is the possibility of concept bias ... that is, the freezing of reality.

In movement, there is freedom ... in freedom, there is movement ...
One decides the practice of movement, and acts - is thus free.
One decides the standard of freedom, and acts - is thus moving.
Cannot have one without the other.

It's a case, of shifting the language anchor - to consider revised meanings of the word ... and always and in all ways, it is up to the person to decide.  

Appreciate your comments about the Movement Query 2 response ...
Agree? Disagree? Suggested edits = add, alter, delete?

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