September 15, 2021

All Things Mentoring Lounge September 15, 2021 ~ Mentor Certification

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Key Topics: 

Use collaborative conversations when mentoring, it is important for the mentor and mentee; 
Review the value of a mentor for a mentee; 
Consider the connection between coaching and mentoring (an overview),  

Content Time Stamp 

00:03 WELLcome to the All Things Mentoring Lounge;
01:15 Quick Update from IMC (International Mentoring Community); 
02:43 Collaborative Conversations when mentoring Between mentor and mentee Conversation =|= conservation (switch s and v) Mental health issues
12:10 Answering a Quora Question What is the value of a mentor to the mentee?
17:50 Question from the Community Is coaching overtaking mentoring (in the workplace) and thus lessening the value of mentoring (in the workplace)?
25:00 Closing out ... 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month - 10 am Mountain --- join us!
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What is the International Mentoring Community (IMC) Planning for You? 

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