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Adoption Success, managing and leading, extraordinary experiences

It’s Up for Dialogue: 

Adoption Success: Managing and Leading Delivery of Extraordinary Experiences


In business the way forward in delivery of extraordinary experiences with customers and employees involves Adoption Success. Or else, Fail Fast & Get Out.

From an Adoption Success perspective:

adoption success dialogue seriesScan this drawing …

Sales = Left side = adoption = breathe in = creativity = many to one

Sales through online and offline marketing to sign a legal contract to deliver the product, service and/or experience (PSE) by mobilizing the PSE for application.

Operations = Right side = success = breathe out = innovation = one to many

Operations from application requires mobilizing the managing of identified competency with support of continued improvement and rewards & recognition so value is added and profit realized.

And from a place of complementarity:

Sales and Operations = Left + Right = Adoption Success = breathing = creative process = learn + action


For success to happen there is a need for adoption.
For adoption to happen there is a need for success.
The intention: To have one is to have the other.

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Title: Adoption Success
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