October 25, 2016

Accountability Agreements Contracts Portfolios Competency

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Accountability agreements, learning contracts and knowledge & skill portfolios

accountability agreementsUse action-based, outcome-oriented competency profiles to create Accountability Agreements, Learning Contracts and Knowledge & Skill Portfolios

Accountability Agreements
Because the competency profile lists what a person must learn and action by recommended timelines to obtain their chosen level of certification.
That is, your customers are clear about what it takes to receive certification from you and/or another certifying body. The certification levels are

(i) Attendance Completion = attended the event

(ii) Assignment Achievement = includes Attendance Completion AND completed assignments pre/during/after the event + wrote a possible test

(iii) Verified Competence = includes Assignment Achievement + verification by a competent Verifier with presentation of relevant artefacts (i.e., tangible proof of competence where applicable).

Learning Contracts
Because the competency profile lists what a person must learn and do to achieve the outcomes associated with your offers/packages.
That is, your customers can review the knowledge (ready), the skills (abilities) and associated attitudes (willing) they must learn and action. In addition, you identify the education resources they can access to fill their knowing-doing gaps.

Knowledge and Skill Portfolios
Because of 1 and 2 a person accumulates documentation that is tangible proof of their performance by competency by certification.
Also, the portfolio includes their reflective, anecdotal thoughts and feelings of the journey and destination markers.

The combination of accountability agreements, learning contracts and knowledge & skill portfolios by competency verification is one way for entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves in the noisy marketplace.

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