December 16, 2021

7 Mentor Requirements to Establish an Extraordinary Mentoring Arrangement

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Mentoring Lounge
December 15, 2021 
More about the concepts than practice!  

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Join Doug Lawrence & Dr. Stephen Hobbs as they review these 7 requirements from a mentor perspective

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Content in this video is more like a CheckList!

  • a personal frame of reference about the mentoring arrangement
  • the generational characteristics influencing the mentoring arrangement  
  • the personal identifiers//orientations at the start of the mentoring arrangement
  • the 5 sustainable elements of a mentoring arrangement  
  • the 3 phases of a mentoring arrangement  
  • the administrative boundaries of the mentoring arrangement 
  • the predetermined milestones throughout the mentoring arrangement 


With Doug Lawrence, Director Education & Outreach

Mentoring Defined: Mentoring is a two-way trusted relationship where the mentor and mentee are both going to learn and grow on a personal and professional basis. The self-statements:

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