Video Article 1: Workplace Issues and Organization of Work

Written by Stephen Hobbs

5 Workplace Issues, Their Associated Questions Helpful in Creating the Well-Living Workplace (Clarity)

W-Living Workplace Definition



WELLth Movement

Educate 55-75 year young executives, employees and entrepreneurs who are grandparents
_in the use of ecological literacy concepts and practices
__to co-create the well-living world by
___creating well-living workplaces with the involvement of their staff, volunteers and/or customers, and
___living their great lives with the involvement of their grandchildren in outdoor activities with trees

Support evergreen funding for 9 children and trees projects around the world via The Minstrel Ways Fund at The Calgary Foundation (my donor-directed fund set up in 2004)

Operational Focus

Educate 55-75 year young professional/quasi-professional managers and leaders in a wise practice approach to people navigation via management and leadership, organization culture, organization of work framework, engagement and recognition, mentoring and facilitating and groups-teams & more.

Support grandparents in leveraging their lived experience to involve their grandchildren in eco-consciousness activities in the outdoors especially with trees

Grow the influence of the WELLth Movement around the world through thought-note speaking, writing books and articles, presenting online and offline workshops, mentoring and facilitating, and selling online/offline products re: fundraising for Minstrel Ways Fund

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Make it a wellthy day,

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Moving Forward Together

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