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Below is information about assisting managers and leaders, and workplace educators like coaches, facilitators, mentors, and instructors - in case you know someone who could benefit from our services. 


Possibility Exists in Every Workplace Pivot ... Therefore, Align - Adjust - Move Forward with Confidence!

Returning to Work using the same Managing and Leading approaches to deal with the Workplace Situations - Workplace Relationships ... Workplace Culture ... Workplace Communication ... Workplace Goals ... Workplace Values ... as you used before is a one-way ticket to failure. 

More so, when those involved within your organization experience the same managing and leading approaches they will move to stagnation and inaction, rather than re-energize and strengthen.   

Tomorrow's workplace calls for a reset! 

Now - Today - it's time to 

  • rethink your organization of work 
  • rescript your workplace story
  • reframe your managing & leading approach

Because the ways you organized the work, told the stories, and managed and led before the pandemic is NOT going to answer the Why - How - Who - When - Where - and What questions you'll face as you manage-lead forward from today. 

Shift Happened! 

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I understand the situation we are in - its severvity - its impact on our pysche - our relationships - our perspective of the world.

I've felt this welling up of emotions - doubt - confusion in previous situations.

My lived experience of working in relief operations during a war, watching villages disappear because of another virus, and being detained at gun point has taught me "This too shall pass!"

I figured out - while I may have to react to a situation, let me do so from a proactive-generative perspective. 

And, that is what I've done for myself - my business in today's world.

I can share my insights, and the tools and techniques I'm using with you!

Whereas you can stew in it - asking, why did it happen? Over and over again! 
Or create a five course meal - asking questions like: 

  • What's possible? 
  • Who can I work with anew?
  • What systems can I/we challenge to make my/our footprint world friendly?
  • Who can I learn from about what happened, to deal with what's unfolding, so I don't feel overwhelmed?
  • What story are we telling ourselves - sharing with others about what we stand for, how we move forward, why move forward at all?

It's now, that you can rescript your workplace story ... don't settle for the explanations, the descriptions, the prescriptions others will offer you with checking their truth, worth, and usefulness.

Instead, find a mentor whose lived experiences you can question to explore and discover ways forward - in the words of those you manage and lead - on your terms. 

Engage with a mentor who can help you rescript your story personally - with those you love - those you work with - those you help on a daily basis. 

That is ... Who can help you rescript your workplace culture - goals - environment - kindness - learning - training - and?
And, rescript your personal legacy - purpose - contributions - challenges - improvement - and?

Everything - everyone - is up for review.

As you rekindle meaningful relationships just as you research eloquent structures to meet the needs and wants people will whisper in your ear as others shout about them in meetings,

it's important ... 

you bring the best of the past forward to meet the intentions of the future in this place of today's presence - where your head-heart-hands are aligned - you are dancing together - and you see a way forward that encourages you in being for  yourself, your family, your workplace, and the world - your world!

I offer my services as a faciltiative mentor ...

Here are three ways I can assist you:

Reorganize Your Workplace from the perspective of the Well-Living Workplace 

A place of work where you live and work well together!

Use a co-creative approach as you leveraging collaborative conversations to revitaize your workforce learning and workplace educating.  

Establish the way forward so each person can experience a place of work where they are being for the world ... Includes you as well!

Rescript Your Workplace Story from the perspective of workplace culture - goals - environment - learning - relationships - structure - values - and more ...

When we meet, I have one question to ask you. From your answer, we can rescript your workplace options. 

Above: "You" means you as a person or you as a group, department, unit or organization. And you can refer to involving your customers and clients! And combinations thereof. 

Reframe Your Managing and Leading approach using a faciltiative mentoring approach ... 

Learn what it means to mentor! How to mentor! Recognizing the lines you do not step over as a mentor!

Learn how facilitating, coaching, and instructing are viable options for making it so, so IT is!

The key to ensure possibility becomes reality is to become a natural educator who delivers extraordinary experiences! 

I can give you an hour to talk about why and how to

Alternatively, you can choose from:

And receive the book: 
Creating the Well-Living Workplace
(pdf) - learn more 

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Choose a book from a selection of 5 Action - Outcome books linked to the Focus of Your Personal/Group Work.

We'll use the book to guide our conversation - to develop your action map/plan with measures.

And receive the revised book:
Help Them Help You Manage Lead
(pdf) - learn more

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At this time - because of what is unfolding - if it's a question of money holding you back from learning and improving - then, use the Contact Form below to make a request. Based on what you ask of me - we can make it happen as is or we'll jump on a quick call to explore options.

While I have to make a living - I want to make sure you're served in the best way possible ...

Because of you, and our shared learning and action, a young girl will grow up to become a doctor-teacher-engineer who is going to help her community! 

That excites me! Let's work together!

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