June 18, 2021

5 Ts to Organize Your Legacy Contribution

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June 18, 2021 

The 5 Ts to Organize Your Legacy Contribution 

As you consider the 5Ts, think a doll inside a doll. 
Transition to Tips - large doll unfolding dolls to a smaller doll 
Tips to Transition - small doll enfolding dolls to a larger doll 

Transition - is about the internal responses to the presenting external changes 

Of which there are 3 major forms of transition: 

  • transaction 
  • transformation 
  • transcendence 

And so, Transition is an outcome of the process of change from one form to another...
progression, adjustment, conversion, gradation, growth, modification, passage, progress, switch, transfiguration, alteration, amendment, realignment, revision, changeover, crossing, departure, transit, upheaval, diversification, makeover

5 Ts Organize Legacy Contribution

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Transition is an outcome of the process of change from one place to another...
immigration, journey, migration, departure, passage, expedition, odyssey, progress, travel, trip, voyage 

Transition is a reference to the occurrence of a change...
circumstance, event, evolvement, incident, innovation, occurrence, phenomenon, situation, turn of events, happening, improvement, newfangledness, novelty, upshot

Transition is about a critical juncture...
rning point, watershed, landmark, climax, corner, crisis, crossroads, milepost, milestone, contingency, critical moment, crossing, crunch, crux, culmination, cusp, decisive moment, emergency, hinge, juncture, nexus, pass, peak, pinch, pivot, twist, critical mass, critical period, critical point, crucial moment, crucial occurrence, crucial period, defining moment, high noon, moment of truth, pivotal moment, rising, action zero, against time, point of no return, turn of the tide, when push comes to shove

Above text uses the noun form of transition. Transition can be used as a verb!  Received assistance from WordHippo here and below!


Technology -
The practical application of knowledge and arts and sciences...
computers, electronics, mechanics, machinery, equipment, programming, telecommunications, applied science, engineering, science, high tech, industrial science, computing, cybernetics, robotics

The process of alleviating manual labor...
automation, computerization, mechanization, robotization, industrialization, modernization, streamlining, systematization, machine learning, AI

The machines constituting a production apparatus collectively...
machinery, equipment, devices, appliances,

Techniques - box of tricks, set-up, checklists, explanatory articles, videos, skills, methods, approaches, ways & means, practices, systems, disciplines, knowledge, procedures, routines, styles, tactics, wisdoms, manners, methodologies, processes, plans, recipes, forms, blueprints, landscapes 

Tools - gear, implements, apparatus, instruments, kit, machinery, paraphernalia, rig, utensils, hardware, tackle, materials, stuff, things, outfit, gadgets, supplies,  accessories, provisions, gadgetry, bits and pieces, devices, odds and ends, contraptions, bits and bobs, odds and sods, articles, furnishings, belongings, traps, fixtures, kit and kaboodle, resources, stock, fittings, baggage, machines, effects, attachments, accompaniments, collection, rubbish, junk, and _?_

Tips - the insights, ideas, investigative results, interpretive suggestions, intentional recommendations --- and more!

You can move Transition to Tips!
And, Tips to Transition!

Much can unfold and enfold - enjoy! 

June 18 - 5Ts to Organize Your Legacy Contribution
June 19 - The STORY Approach to Organize Your Legacy Contribution

5 Ts Organize Legacy Contribution

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