What are 5 Required Tips to Master Storytelling with Mentees - for mentees - because of mentees?

Topics Covered

06:19 Define story
Story is an account of imaginary or real people and events told in prose or verse to educate, edutain and/or entertain the listener, reader and/or viewer. 

09:23 - past events in someone's life or through group activities important to the listener, reader and/or viewer.

09:57 - future events imagined about something important to the listener, reader and/or viewer.

11:36 Define story telling (selling) --- story sharing (caring) is the conveying of events in words, images and sounds, often by improvisation or embellishment.

12:46 Importance of Story-telling for mentoring - Deep Practice Perspective

E M Forster (Novelist - Essayist in UK --- several books made into movies) wrote:
14:34 A fact = the queen died, the king died A story = the queen died, the king died of a broken heart

16:06 Tip 1: Link the story through the words of the Mentee - while adding the new words (via concepts and practices) for the desired suggestion or shift
The story is supporting headspeak and heart speak... Jim Clemmer 
A story helps you see something familiar with new eyes… Rachael Naomi Remen 

17:52 Tip 2: A stoRy brings to the foreground self-care requirements - resilience - resourcefulness - reciprocity - reliability - relevance --- answering, presenting a pathway to answer the Why question
Sharing your stories allows the mentee to tap into your lived experience
- Know the Story. Trust the Story. Break the Story. 

22:32 Tip 3: Encourage the mentee (and you) to move into their potentiality and possibility by sharing through experience-based educating
Accept to live on moving ground... 

25:05 Tip 4: ground the mentee in the evidence-based learning – see something familiar in a different way
With mentoring you are opening the doorway for the mentee - what's there a hallway, pathway, roadway, runway, Milky Way 

28:35 Tip 5: Reasons for Stories to take action to lead persons into the future to inform others about who you are (as an individual, as an organization) to remind people about ethical values and ethically neutral values to converse about lived experience to educate about knowledge, skills and attitude to counter the nasty gossip

33:42 Closing Tips - a bonus section...

  1. Guide the mentees to see themselves in your story so they can share their version of the story 
  2. Encourage the mentees to weave into their stories what matters to them
  3. Ensure mentee/you have established the relationship before sharing your illustrative (practice) stories 
  4. Tell//Share stories for illustration of the lines and boxes (foreground) and the white space (background) 

Q: Who is an unlikely mentor and why? 
A: Mentoring is a two-way relational arrangement where the mentor and mentee will learn and grow together personally and professionally. It is all about building a trusted relationship and for the mentor to be able to create that safe environment for the relationship to nurture and grow. To specifically answer your question an unlikely mentor for me would be someone that I could not make a connection with - that there was no chemistry with. I may realize part way into the mentoring relationship that this person cannot provide me with what I am looking for. It would be time to end that relationship and look for someone that can provide me with what I want. What I am finding with all the mentoring that I am doing - paid and free is that the ability to listen is crucial. Someone that is not a good listener would not be a good mentor for me. Sometimes all we need is to talk our way through the problems that we are dealing with.

Doug Lawrence - Director of Education/Outreach
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