June 17, 2021

5 Ps to Organize Your Legacy Contribution

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June 17, 2021 

The 5 Ps to Organize Your Legacy Contribution 

As you consider the 5Ps, think a doll inside a doll. 
Platform to Product - large doll unfolding dolls to a smaller doll 
Product to Platform - small doll enfolding dolls to a larger doll 

Matryoshka Doll Set

Platform - is the floor, podium, staging for your legacy contribution (the big picture)
--- gives you the sense of what you stand on to be for the world and with the planet 
__the primary message-media-market mix when you go all out
__ the primary reason for starting a local chapter of a social-cultural, environmental, technology movement (or starting a movement)

*example* lead the establishment and sustainability of the "Clean Water for Children in NW Africa" Movement/ platform to raise awareness of the situation and $25,000/year over 3 years...and more!
*example* The platform is designed to track clean water delivery with a deep focus on compliance.

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Program - often involves 2 or more projects or the outcome of a process over more than 6 months
--- setting up the hobby farm including farm making revenue; writing a book-then, using the book to become a stage speaker-using both to become a podcaster
__ the importance of useful, helpful, eventful, & impactful

*example* manage the year-long education program for community groups in your area  as you sell T-shirts with the image you drew at markets to raise money for the "Clean Water for Children in NW Africa" movement

Project - is the outcome of the process over 3 to 6 months
--- coordinate summer tree planting program; planting-nurturing-harvesting a summer garden; publish a book
__ the project includes a process--processes and/or product-products
__ the importance of useful, helpful, & eventful

*example* administer the summer project for selling T-shirts with the image you drew at markets to raise money for the "Clean Water for Children in NW Africa" movement

Clarification: With million+ (billion+) infrastructure projects around the world, the project managers often refer to the project with sub-projects and/or programs. This point is important for my post on June 19.

Process - an action linked to the verb you are using
--- like coach, mentor, build, design...
__ the focus is on the action verb, the performance that is useful & helpful
__ the process links to the actions that produce the product--products

*example* the drawing of an image for a T-shirt you'll sell to raise money for the "Clean Water for Children in NW Africa" movement

Product - a tangible, touchable contribution - glazed pot, pen, chair,
--- add digital (eBook) here...
__the focus is on what you produce that is useful

*example* produce a T-shirt with an image you drew --> so you can raise money [the process] for the "Clean Water for Children in NW Africa" movement 

You can move Platform to Product!
And, Product to Platform!

Much can unfold and enfold - enjoy! 

June 18 - 5Ts to Organize Your Legacy Contribution
June 19 - The STORY Approach to Organize Your Legacy Contribution

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