March 29, 2018

5 MORE Extraordinary Work Insights You Wish You Knew One Year Ago …WWUBlog

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Here are 5 MORE ​Extraordinary Work Insights You Wish You Knew for your whole system - whole person organization of work (WOW) especially during a business pivot.  They complement the first five found here or 

#1 ... Hierarchy of Values 

A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to manage and lead from your Hierarchy of Values on a daily basis. Knowing your hierarchy guides you in the decisions you make in managing and leading all stakeholders.

To be clear... "Every person decides from a hierarchy of values. While not clear to most."

With clarity, knowing your hierarchy of values assists with your whole system - whole person organization of work.  

Your values influence your accountability and responsibility mix.

They influence actions and outcomes of communicating from your commitments.

Without awareness of your "hierarchy of values in the workplace" your actions block your performance, those you lead, and the productivity of all.

Learn about your hierarchy of values. And share your learning with others. The benefits are exponential! 
And do the same with those you lead. Ask them. Makes for a great conversation!
A great place to start - to learn about your Hierarchy of Values is - via Dr. John Demartini

business pivot overview

#2 ... Personal Context Workplace

A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to articulate your Personal Context Workplace in relationship to "whole system - whole person organization of work (WOW)," Also, known as your "personal organization of work (POW)."

In doing so you gain deeper insight into your work via the assignment of accountability and responsibility.

In addition, you can identify the recognition and reward you require in support of your hierarchy of personal/ethical values (#1 above).

As you progress with your POW, how can you assist "all persons with theirs" (employees, customers, volunteers, board members, contractors, etc. = stakeholders)?
Again, in doing so your POW is strengthen!

business pivot overview

#3 ... Legacy Workplace

A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to work from your Legacy Workplace intentions. It's about "Be Well. Do Good. Have Magnificance!" See the Enlightened Capitalist story unfolding here.

Definition: Legacy is the useful whats a person gifts others so they can learn something from the person's lived experience.

  • useful whats = time, effort, money
  • gift rather than give
  • learn something as you serve as an educator
  • share your lived experience --> your knowledge, skills, and attitudinal insights.

Mentoring is a great example of personal legacy. Whether you mentoring originates via an informal or formal pathway - mentoring is an excellent way to share from your legacy.

Your business - organizational legacy is associated with Corporate Social Responsibility. What does the business share with the community beyond the exchange of goods and services for profit?  

Using an Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) tools and techniques are great examples of organizational legacy. Especially, when the stakeholders say, "We're doing it. And it works for all!"

As you progress with your legacy workplace story, you compound the value you add to all stakeholders and the position of your organization in the community.
Again, in doing so your managing and leading is strengthen!

business pivot overview

#4 ... Learning Workplace - Educating Workplace

A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to weave the integration of Learning Workplace - Educating Workplace as two complementary elements for individuals and organizations alike. Because learning and educating are two ends of a stick - you cannot pick up one end without the other!

And, learning and educating are essential elements of your organization of work.
More specifically, there is workforce learning and workplace educating.

There is a Return on Learning = RoL.
There is a Return on Educating = RoE.
As there is a Return on Integrating them = RoIN.
Is your Return on Investment maximizing each and together?

Awareness of each/together - the measurement of each/together - highlights the value of human and social capital.

As you progress with your "learning workplace - educating workplace" story, use both singularly and together to maximize the potential of all stakeholders.
While mindful - the way in which you learn is not necessarily the way in which you educate!
Demonstrating competence in learning and educating strengthens your managing and leading. Onward!

business pivot overview

#5 ... Action Outcome Workplace

A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to map, manage, and measure your "whole system - whole person" organization of work.

It's important to sequence actions to actualize outcomes in an Action verb_Outcome noun format like "demonstrate ethical decision making" for your organization of work.

Because the action verb is measurable to the outcome of knowledge and/or skill (condition) specified.

That is,

  • the action verb offers transparency of direction.
  • the outcome phrase offers justification of destination.

Use this action outcome workplace technique to map your path forward.
And prioritize the statements to detail the map and plan you'll use.

In closing … 

These 5 MORE Extraordinary Work Insights about your Organization of Work - when used together - move you through win-grow scenarios.

It's not that one insight is more important than the next. All 5 Extraordinary Work Insights are important to weave into why and how you manage and lead!

It's best to know about each one and develop practices to nurture each one ... the way they play out is up to you. However, like nature where there are few straight lines ... the use of these Extraordinary Work Insights is not linear! 

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