37 Value Reflections Linked with Leadership Legacy

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Values are expressed in what you do and say. They influence how you think and decide.


They are heartfelt answers to why, with whom and how questions related to your leadership legacy. They are especially important for living your great life, creating the well-living workplace and co-creating the well-living world.

Each day you get a little wiser when you pay attention to your value expressions.

You appreciate your values more deeply through the outcomes you realize.

This realization emerges because of your lived experience. Add mentors and your core desire to make a difference, you have the mixture to fully express your values through your leadership legacy.

Legacy Hierarchy of Values

You have a hierarchy of values that lean into your leadership legacy. This hierarchy determines what you believe to be of worth, utility and truth for your life.

Dr. John Demartini offers a 13-question assessment of your hierarchy of values. Quick sign up and you are on your way. Click here.

Reflections About Values

To augment Dr. Demartini’s assessment, here are 37 reflections about values to guide their contribution to your life and leadership legacy.

My invitation as you read the reflections:

Take each reflection and consider its contribution to your life. Some will sing, some will hum and others may be quiet.

Bring one reflection to life with joy.

Share in the comments section the impact of the reflection on your hierarchy of values and leadership legacy.

Here are the 37 Reflections About Values:

  1. Your expression of values (being) has an instrumental (means, doing) interpretation or a terminal (ends, having) interpretation
  2. You can be educated in value acceptance and rejection
  3. With the understanding of assigned value to a situation there is a quicker response
  4. Values provide a link between event and emotion
  5. Values prescribe what energy will be invested and what direction will be taken
  6. Values is a topic of much consternation
  7. Values highlight connections between people and their expression of experience
  8. Values give form to experience, an expression of earthly reality
  9. Values as a spiritual expression indicate your access to possibilities
  10. Values are the steady state indicators educators use when corrective measures are taken
  11. Values are statements guiding ascension, the expression of heavenly actuality
  12. Values are a spiritual expression that indicates your potentiality within possibility
  13. Value systems are developed from your sense of internal and/or external authority – e.g., science, logic, intuition, feelings, senses, writings of others
  14. Value systems are constructed around your true faith
  15. Value of a ‘thing’ depends on its source of essence and proximity – e.g., what you like to do most and what you do most
  16. Value is realized through the application of knowledge and skill
  17. Value is expressed in what a person does
  18. Value is expressed in the story you share
  19. Value is a statement of body-mind-soul connection
  20. Tied to values are perceptions, assumptions, beliefs and opinions
  21. Through a statement of value identity is stated – I am a creator
  22. Thinking about values is drawn from the wellspring of intuition
  23. The value system you adopted was partially non-consciously derived; that is study your history/hertory to gain insight
  24. The quality of value determines the energy level assigned to its involvement in living your great life
  25. The quality of value determines the duration of direction (helping, hindering) of living
  26. The origin of values is expansive
  27. The hierarchy of your values can shift
  28. The expression of your values is decisive
  29. Projecting your values on another sets up persons to experience resentment and guilt
  30. Personal values, when expressed, while morally accepted in you are scrutinized through ethical standards accepted by others
  31. Often value is a name give to a state of being, having or doing – I am creative, I value creation
  32. Judgment, indifference and inspiration originate from individuals’ value systems
  33. Each person has a unique value set
  34. Definition of values varies by language and culture
  35. Current understanding of values influences future occurrences
  36. Conflict arises from value systems when they are ignored
  37. A hierarchy of values outline decision rules, which highlight one state over another

Leverage Your Values and Legacy Intention

Having read the list, what story do you have to share? Please add your comments below. I’m curious as to which reflection(s) spoke to you.

More importantly take value-based action that highlights your leadership legacy. Because for those who benefit from your leading, they can see, feel and experience what it means to live and work according to leadership legacy. It’s a pay it forward celebration on your part.

And for those who enjoy quotes, her are three for you reading pleasure:

Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.

Warren Buffet
Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted.

Albert Einstein
The great use of life is to spend it
“for something that will outlast it.

Williams James

And to move you forward in your action learn about the 9 educating approaches useful to manage and lead others … follow this link.

The book is written for managers and leaders in organizations. Therefore it will guide your professional practice. However, replace manager and leader with grandparent. Then read from this perspective with your grandchildren in mind.

About the Author

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is a Decision Facilitator/Leadership Legacy Mentor. He’s available to guide you as a business owner, entrepreneur, executive or team leader to make better decisions – especially about your life legacy and/ore leadership legacy. He uses facilitative mentoring to realize your outcomes in your words. An hour with Steve straightens out even the biggest decision so you can see the forest and the trees.

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