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Legacy Project Updates December 28th, 2021, Elder Mentor

Blog Pot December 28, 2021

December 28, 2021. . .Legacy Resource Topics from the past week including a series of 8 message-images linked with 10 Extraordinary Ways Your Legacy Project Influences Others; 2 Legacy Intention Course Videos; an Article-Video from IMC about the Value of a Mentor; an Article on Legacy Project and Walking; and 2 images shared with a client on Safety-Safe-Safer message

Legacy Project Decisions Using Walking as a Source of Wandrous Insights

Legacy Project Walking Insights

Walking is Wonderful for Your Heart and Soul as It is Wanderous for Your Head and Mind. . .Especially When You Are Working on Your Legacy Project and Your Walking Takes Place Where Nature Infusions Your Being-Having-Doing. Learn about the 5 Legacy Branches and the importance of walking as it adds insights about resilience, resourcefulness, relevance, prescription, and regeneration.

Legacy Project Updates December 21st, 2021, Elder Mentor

Blog Post December 21, 2021

December 21, 2021 Legacy Resource Topics from the past week including a series of 8 message-images about legacy, legacy intention, and legacy project. In addition, watch 2 legacy intention videos from Terry Wildeman and Richard Schultz. Read an article on 10 extraordinary ways your legacy project influences others. Plus—watch a video from IMC about 7 Mentor Requirements to Establish a Mentoring Arrangement.

10 Extraordinary Ways Your Legacy Project Influences Others

Legacy Project Ways Influence Others

Your Legacy Project is a Reflection of Community Involvement. Therefore, it’s important you talk about. . .share the ways your legacy project influences others. When they hear your stories – the stories from your head, heart, and hands – your project is brought to life in extraordinary ways that highlight “Living FROM the Legacy You Intend to Share and Leave.”

Legacy Project Updates December 14, 2021, Elder Mentor

Legacy Project Blog Post December 14, 2021

December 14, 2021 Legacy Resource Topics from the past week: Read Legacy Approach image messages about topics like “path of acceptance and legacy”, “sending a Legacy Love Letter”, and “Legacy Stories using the Words NOW, OWN, and WON”; Watch two videos in support of the Legacy Intention Series – Dr. Claudius van Wyk and Dr. Laurie Maslak; Read an article on “Alchemy and Legacy and an article on “Mentoring, Stress, and the Holiday Season” from Doug Lawrence, IMC

Legacy Approach Legacy Tenets Alchemy Rescription

Life Legacy Approach Project Tenets Alchemy Alchemist

The Alchemist Way of Moving Your Life Legacy is framed by your intention to set your decision-action-outcomes for moving fromward (that is, moving forward from the future). Adding to this insight. . .An alchemist in the modern world practices the “transmutation” of something into something else that is considered of more value (worth, truth, utility) for self and/or with others.

Legacy Project Updates December 7, 2021, Elder Mentor

Blog Post December 7, 2021

December 7, 2021 Legacy Resource Topics from the past week: Read 7 Legacy Notes on topics like “the importance of your second step along the legacy journey”, “legacy is the mirror you view yourself”, and “asking legacy-related questions to get to NO”;  Watch a video on 7 Character skills when mentoring from IMC; Read an article on the […]

Legacy Tenets Branches Projects

Legacy Tenets Branches Projects

How do you live from the legacy you intend to share and leave?
Explore and Discover the Legacy Branches and Tenets, and Consider Their Impact on the Legacy Project(s) You Decide to Implement… Legacy is about the useful whats you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience.