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Brent Harris Canada Tree Stories 1

tree stories 1

Tree Stories 1 is the first story in a collection of video interviews about trees/bushes/shrubs (called tree(s) henceforth). These stories are from story-sharers from around the world whose connection is radiantly wonderful … and who exude the tree spirt of the tree they share. Story-Sharer – Brent Harris, Canada Tree: Black Diamond Willow  Wikipedia: reference here Onward […]

Gain Confidence as a Natural Educator When Creating Extraordinary Experiences Outdoors for Tree Stories 1719

tree stories 1719

Tree Stories 1719 is about gaining confidence with playing and interacting with the outdoors, with nature while serving as a facilitative mentor. Background When I returned my programming intention and attention to children and trees, parents and grandparents, and my nature-based legacy story of being for the world, I wrote (listed) 10 essentials/elementals for integrating the built […]

Use Measurement for Formative and Summative Course Corrections for Workplace Transition 1619

workplace transition 1619

Workplace Transition 1619 highlights the requirements of measures and measurement for formative and summative course corrections by managers and leaders. The measures and measurement guide the managers and leaders’ decision making. Most times, the formative decisions result in course corrections while summative decisions result in business pivots. As managers and leaders remain present with the course corrections […]

Webinar Mentoring Mannequin Model

Webinar Mentoring Mannequin Model

Webinars from WELLth Movement​Webinar Mentoring Mannequin Model This webinar is about the mentoring arrangement from the perspective of the mentor. Key Words/Phrases Mentoring Arrangement Mentoring Relationship Hierarchy of Values (Dr. John Demartini reference) Within – Without – Between – Together – Beyond  Links:Hierarchy of Values – Dr. John Demartini International Mentoring Community Onward … Activity …What did you learn from this webinar? ))smiles […]

Well Living World Wellther Indra Singh

indra Singh

WELLthers are persons who appreciate life and business, seek to contribute to the community, and desire to share their creative expression with conscious life travellers. Whether it’s a one-time event and/or over multiple projects, we WELLcome opportunities to chat with WELLthers and weave our work together. Introducing: Indra Singh Indra Singh is an intuitive guide for those […]

Share Short-Term Win-Grow-Learn Stories for Workplace Transition 1519

workplace transition 1519

Workplace transition occurs with zip and zing when you share win-learn-grow stories – especially in the short-term. For those who care-to-share, then: Share the wins … Share the learning … Share the growth … That is, infuse the organization of work with stories that acknowledge, advance, and amplify what works as everyone challenges the systems where SYSTEMS means: Save Your […]

Use Reflective Practices for Formative Evaluation on Mentoring 37_7

Mentoring 37_7

Mentoring 37_7 Topic: Use reflective practices for formative evaluation Mentoring 37_7 is a video/podcast about mentoring-mentor-mentee-mentorship – brought to you by the International Mentoring Community Make mentoring a gift for the world: Develop your blueprint of mentoring Use the actions of mentoring in all aspects of your life Access the concepts linked with becoming an extraordinary mentor Encourage others to receive […]