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What Makes You an Extraordinary Mentor? Workplace Transition 0919

workplace transition 0919

I was working on marketing pages for the International Mentoring Community that the WELLth Movement sponsors. And I was playing with the question, “What makes someone a Mentor?” And then I expanded it to “What Makes You an Extraordinary Mentor?” These are the draft notes. And, I started listing probing questions/statements a mentor could use with a […]

Discuss Reliance of the Mentee on the Mentor on Mentoring 37_4

Mentoring 37_4

Mentoring 37_4 Topic: Discuss reliance of the mentee on the mentor  Mentoring 37_4 is a video/podcast about mentoring-mentor-mentee-mentorship – brought to you by the International Mentoring Community Make mentoring a gift for the world: Develop your blueprint of mentoring Use the actions of mentoring in all aspects of your life Access the concepts linked with becoming an extraordinary mentor Encourage […]

Awaken to the Meaningful Patterns that Hinder and Help You Live an Extraordinary Life: Well Living World 0919

well living world 0919

Eco-Creating the well-living world involves awakening to the meaningful pattern that guides your life while recognizing the limitations of your meaningful pattern.  Living your extraordinary life has you recognize patterns that have meaning. Beliefs and habits are meaningful patterns that are more non-conscious than conscious once experienced. When you are aware of your beliefs and habits you […]