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Determine Your Sense of Seriousness, Urgency, and Growth of Your Workplace Transition 1019

workplace transition 1019

This article is the first of 10 exploring Workplace Transition (Workplace Experience – #WPT, #WPX) … where in workplace terms “transition (internal) is about the organization response to change (external) – knowing “change surrounds every challenge” (Dr. Linda Hines). Herein challenge is about the hindering and helping complementarity of challenges. Determine sense of seriousness, urgency and […]

What Makes You an Extraordinary Mentor? Workplace Transition 0919

workplace transition 0919

I was working on marketing pages for the International Mentoring Community that the WELLth Movement sponsors. And I was playing with the question, “What makes someone a Mentor?” And then I expanded it to “What Makes You an Extraordinary Mentor?” These are the draft notes. And, I started listing probing questions/statements a mentor could use with a […]