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Magician and Mystic Connections with Tree Stories 1319

tree stories 1319

For Tree Stories 1319 – I thought about the connection between Magician and Mystic and their involvement with Trees.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve seen several references to Magician and Mystic … and that got me to thinking and exploring. Thought I would share some insights about the two terms and link them to […]

Use a Shared Vision to Guide Workplace Transition 1219

workplace transition 1219

Workplace transition requires those involved (all stakeholders) are clear about the story and directives aligned and assigned to the organization of work. Herein, is the value of a vision statement – a statement that highlights the major outcomes of the work together. In our defintion – Vision is an internal statement (whereas Mission statement is an […]

10 Treemendous Words for Writing A TREE STORY for Tree Stories 1219

tree stories 1219

For Tree Stories 1219 – I read an article with this question as its subject heading: “Do Experiences With Nature Promote Learning? *  ​… which got me thinking about how writing a tree story – tree stories are wonderful/wanderful ways to promote learning and educating about nature. And, (co)writing the stories becomes an extraordinary experience. ~~~Whether a seasoned […]

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