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Use Eco-Ethical Architexture To Lead Your Workplace Transition 0119

workplace experience 0119

There is a real-world – wonderful connection between leadership & leading and mentorship & mentoring … They both support the concept and practices of serving as a “guide on the ride” – and the ride referring to the mentee with mentor, leader with stakeholder AND for the mentor-leader & leader-mentor. The transition suggested – the experience felt is […]

Xylograph the Well Living World 0119

well living world 0119

Eco-Creating the well-living world involves ‘xylographing’ your ideas for others to read. Xylograph means to carve (engrave) into wood images & words – whereupon the wood block can become a print plate. On the surface, this action seems an odd way of printing. Yet, the intricacy of the art can be appreciated.Just as your words – […]

Time to Plant a Tree: Write for Shade 0119

write shade 0119

I’ve actually planted trees. A forest grows because I took a shovel and planted the trees. While not a summer job, my planting contribution was a program element of a summer forestry camp for teenagers I managed in the early 1980s.  And, I did not hear the proverb until the mid 1990s – little more […]