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QUICK CHECK of 13 Competencies Affecting Your Managing & Leading of Workplace Transition 0419

Workplace Transition 0419

In co-creating the well-living workplace … A place of work where you work well together – you enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy … Are YOU [as a manager-leader, human resource professional, workplace educator or executive] competent to guide your stakeholders through workplace transition? Consider the following 13 action_outcome statements … and ask yourself: Am I competent to […]

Speak Responsively on Mentoring 37_1 on 012919

Mentoring 37 290119

Mentoring37_1 is a video tv show – taped and live – and podcast about mentoring-mentor-mentee-mentorship – brought to you by the International Mentoring Community mentoring a gift for the world: Develop your blueprint of mentoringUse the actions of mentoring in all aspects of your lifeAccess the concepts linked with becoming an extraordinary mentorEncourage others […]

Equilibrate Divisive Paradigms about a Phenomenon To Appreciate the Whole Phenomenon for the Well Living World 0419

Well Living World 0419

Eco-Creating the well-living world involves adjusting your thinking from a mechanistic paradigm through a vitalistic paradigm to a holistic paradigm, which is an ongoing reconciliation of the other two  Paradigm – such an interesting word. Depending on your POV – paradigm has an academic – theoretical flavor and/or an everyday – practical flavor. Paradigm: A pattern […]

Your Tree; Your Grove of Trees: Write for Shade 0319

write for shade 0319

I’m once again house sitting in an urban forest … I’m among the trees with dogs to walk and a cat to scratch.  I sit at my table and type – where I imagine – develop – deliver and so much more. It’s quiet here. However, it’s when I’m outside, in the majesty of the trees […]

Mentoring is to Leading as Facilitating is to Managing Workplace Transition 0219

workplace transition 0219

Workplace transition is guided by this insight:Mentoring is to Leading as Facilitating is to Managing More so, it’s about “facilitative mentoring”~~~Mentoring – an educating approach that has a person (mentee, protege, learner) asking you (the mentor) questions, which tap into your lived experience – is a two-way trusted relationship (Doug Lawrence, TalentC) … usually it’s a […]

Walking the Walk: Write for Shade 0219

Write for Shade 0219

For the past two weeks I’ve been walking along the edge of a hill … between the backyards of houses and slope of the hill.  I walk to complete a circuit in about 58 minutes.  Therefore, I get to experience the sun and the shade, and the windward and leeward exposures while touching the branches […]