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Note the Subtleties of Everyday Life as You Contribute to the Well-Livingness of Future Generations​: Well-Living World 1818

Well-Living World 1818

Eco-creating the well-living world involves noting the subtleties of everyday life that are your contributions to the well-livingness of future generations Four understated features of your personal contributions to eco-creating the well-living world are your: astuteness – accurately assess situations discernment – ability to judge well skillfulness – showing action pleasantness – about civility, friendly That is … being astute […]

Leaving Situations that do not Benefit Anyone Now Means You’ll Revisit the Same Situations with a Different Interpretation Later: Well-Living World 1618

Well-Living World 1618

Eco-creating the well-living world involves leaving – with acceptance – those situations that do not benefit anyone, knowing that you will revisit those same situations with a different interpretation It’s an every day – more so, an every moment occurrence. You are in a situation – you are learning – a decision is required – your […]

Keep Vigilant to Those Who Inspire Your Contribution Because of Their Actions: Well-Living World 1518

Well-Living World 1518

Eco-creating the well-living world involves keeping vigilant to those who inspire your contribution because of their actions You influence others through the actions you take. Your actions are one way you educate others about why and how you eco-create the well-living world. Equally important is “Who Influences You.”And more so, how vigilant are you to your influencers?Their […]

Eco-Creating Has You Jumping with Gratitude Because Your Sense of Flight Expands Your Solid Footing: Well-Living World 1418

well-living world 1418

Eco-creating the well-living world involves jumping in gratitude with each other, for the sense of flight expands everyone’s solid footing  An expression of joy – of gratitude is highlighted in photos with people jumping – hands extended over their heads, smiles on their faces, and for those with more athleticism the bended knee-feet kick. Like that […]