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30 Initial Thoughts About Serving as a Natural Educator to Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences With Employees: Well-Living World 0118

well-living world 0118

Initial thoughts about from where does a natural educator arise … Overall, can: Manage educative competence Desire to educate – to engage in emergence Share optimism to make a difference Work on the whole system – whole person Demonstrate a transcendent intention Engage in reflective action Fosters workplace culture in which there is movement of learning Maintain presence even when it’s difficult to do […]

10 Easy, Fabulicious Workplace Insights Worth Your Time, Effort, & Money To Experience NOW: Business Decisions 18-05 pt2

Business decisions 18-05-pt2

Introduction to the second five of 10 videos associated with Business Decisions 18-05-pt2: These five videos are short activities you can action to create the well-living workplace:Video 6 = stop doing something that is not workingVideo 7 = strengthen something working in the organizationVideo 8 = strengthen relationships between departmentsVideo 9 = support commitments others makeVideo […]

Monday Motivation 11-11

Monday motivation 11-11

The well-living workplace* involves identifying the outcome you seek rather than the problem you have identified. *Well-Living Workplace is a place of work where persons live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. Definition of Key Terms outcome → the way it turns out, the consequence (identified to accomplished) problem → a […]

Friends – A Wellth of Experiences: Life Lessons 18-07

life lessons 18-07

“Friends” – such a welcoming word to describe people you know. They abound in all areas of your extraordinary life. And yet, who are your real friends? Who are the people who will love you unconditionally? I suggest that a lot of people you call friends are -in reality- acquaintances. They are people you are friendly with […]

If You Have an Opportunity To Enhance Adult and Workplace Learning Today: Would You Be Ready? Business Decisions 18-04

business decisions 18-04

Setting up a story for Business Decisions 18-04: ​Dominique is writing at her work desk. Phil knocks on her open door. “Morning, again. I see you’re busy. A quick question?” Looking up, Dominique nods ‘yes.’ “Do you have any information on adults and learning in the workplace?” “Yes – I’ll send you a copy of a handout given to me. And […]

Monday Motivation 11-10

Monday motivation 11-10

The well-living workplace* involves checking in with those who show interest in your workspace and life space. *Well-Living Workplace is a place of work where persons live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. Definition of Key Terms  interest → state of wanting to learn something or about someone workspace […]

“Words Matter:” An Awesome Way To Organize Extraordinary Experiences, Life Lessons, and Business Decisions: Life Lessons 18-06

life lessons 18-06

Often before you purchase my company’s services, I am asked for a list of references and credentials. Without hesitation, I can list where and with whom I have worked. When it comes to the question of credentials based on experience, I have a response that satisfies even the most hardened client. And for those who ask about credentials, […]