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Life Lessons 18-04: Presentation of YOUR Ideas with Others

Life Lessons 18-04

Situational Story TO Set the Stage Phil sat in his chair. He was watching people walk by on the sidewalk below his window. He was perplexed after his not so pleasant innovation meeting in the boardroom earlier. He was sure he had prepped for his presentation. And still, a couple of his peers told him his proposed idea […]

Wednesday Wisdom 18-05

Wednesday Wisdom 18-05

To Work Well Together involves motivation and evolves inspiration … this dynamic combination is necessary to manage and lead your entrepreneurial workplace. That is to create a Well-Living Workplace … a place of work where persons live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy … and to make it […]

Mentoring 18-04: Experience the Joy of 14 Truths about Mentoring

Mentoring 18-04

To mentor is to provide trusted advice during the learning adventure of the mentee. That is, mentors share the truth of their lived experiences when the mentees are ready (and sometimes not ready) to listen. Mentors share their experiences in a friendly, conversational way from close in or far away. They have a vested interest in […]

Monday Motivation 11-7

Monday Motivation 11-7

The well-living workplace* involves dealing with non-urgent, priority tasks. *Well-Living Workplace is a place of work where persons live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. Definition of Key Terms non-urgent → a situation that does not require immediate action priority → the fact of being treated as more important ~~~Question […]

Life Lessons 18-03: Breaking News! Who’s Writing Your Story?

Life Lessons 18-03

In living your great – extraordinary life it is sometimes helpful to hear, watch, and read how the lives of others unfold. In the business world, biographies literally and figuratively provide insights into how people established their companies. Aspiring athletes can read the exploits of superstars to learn their mental and physical preparations. And biographies […]

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