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Monday Motivation 11

The well-living workplace involves fostering a workplace climate where you leverage shared experiences through generative conversations.Well-Living Workplace is a place of work where persons live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy.Definition of Key Terms foster → encourage, promoteclimate → what happens along the lines and in the […]

Book Marilyn Suttle

Marilyn Suttle

Guest Author – Workplace-related BookCustomer Experience Marilyn do you make challenging work feel more like play?  Give your creative-side a chance to express itself with best-selling author Marilyn Suttle’s new activity book/coloring book COLOR THEIR WORLD: The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty.It’s designed for lowering stress and raising resilience while strengthening customer relationships. · On […]

21 Enlightened Capitalist Speakers Sharing Insights About BEING Good, DOING Good, and DOING Well

enlightened capitalist

The #MeToo and Be-More-Responsible movements are changing the way we expect business to operate. Are you prepared strategically, culturally, and personally? At Enlightened Capitalist, we bring together leaders, laggards – and everyone in between –  to explore how we, as individuals, can change the way organizations operate. We believe in BEING Good, DOING Good, and DOING Well […]