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Do You Have the Competence to Use These 19 Business Pivot Commitments to Measure Extraordinary Success?

Business Pivot Commitments to Measure Extraordinary Success

The following 19 business pivot commitments are suggested action_outcomes all stakeholders are asked to weave into their organization of work.  This list is a composite of 30+ years of business experience, collaborative conversations, and scanning current literature (academic and field-based). Below the list, below the picture are additional notes expanding on the 19 business pivot commitments.  Make […]

Breaking News! 7 Business Pivot KeyWords Explaining Success

business pivot keywords

To lead a business pivot, you need to “bound” the situation – that is, to situate the situation of the pivot. Because your perspectives of the pivot-the situation are important to identify the action_outcomes you’ll achieve, and accomplish with others. In a Nutshell One way to bound the situation involves the use of business pivot keywords […]