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Making a Movement Definition: Clarity from Consistency

making a movement definition

Summary: Making a Movement Definition outlines the basic elements of growing your business using movement as a core business strategy  Today, Making (Make) a Movement or some form of the phrase like Starting a Revolution is a community and/or societal rally call directed at corporations and entrepreneurs to include social impact and social innovation in their organization of […]

Awaken Leadership Summit

awaken leadership summit

Fives Signs You are Awakening As a Leader Guest Post: Melanie Benson  Leadership is not a just a title reserved for CEOs of big companies. Leadership is a behavior, a way of being, and a key role for anyone who wants to make a bigger impact. Often, the idea of leadership is associated with an old model of […]

Read Announcement about WELLth Movement

read announcement wellth movement

On March 31st I was to make an announcement – and the spring flu arrived. Better now ))smilesAnd so … I, through WELLth Movement, guide entrepreneurs (whether a start-up and/or established) to “make a movement with their customers” (using the Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform) ~~~ make a movement or making a movement is your decision […]