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Workplace Generative Space Definitions

Workplace Generative Space Definitions

Summary: Workplace Generative Space Definitions … to establish a baseline. Connecting the two terms to Artists, then your Business asking the question: Is your business a generative space? Defining the Terms Generative and Space … To create generative space requires a better understanding of what is meant by “generative” and “space.”  Let’s start with space. Space is physical in that […]

Wealth Attraction Wealth Creation

wealth attraction

Summary: Wealth Attraction and wealth creation combine ideas and actions expressed with the world through work, resourcefulness, and asset managementIdeas and Actions for Wealth Attraction and Wealth Creation Over the years I’ve collected ideas and actions linked to wealth attraction and wealth creation. The following statements reflect what I think are the more salient points. I lean into the […]

Workplace, Managing Customer Experience

managing customer experiences

Summary: Managing Customer Experience in your workplace is assisted by your perspective of two types of issues customers bring to you – problem & appreciationMaking Customer Experience Decisions Requires You Become Adept at Adopting New Ways to Deal with Managing Customer Experience IssuesIt’s likely, at some point time along your entrepreneurial customer experience-management journey, you’ve heard […]

Workplace, Organization of Work (WOW): Transform Your WOW

workplace organization of work

Summary: Your Workplace Organization of Work (WOW) involves the connections among the strategic, tactical, & operational elements of your workplace as you transition – transact, transform and/or transcend – your WOW …  Organization of work is a term highlighting the systematic (managing systems for people) and the systemic (leading person from system) actions required (must know and do) and requested […]

Well-Living Workplace Definition for WELLth Movement

workplace well living definition

Workplace … noun effect: About activities involving effort for personal achievement and group accomplishment … a means to an income – employment From a when (then and now) and where (there and here) perspectives – workplace (or place of work) is a position in which a person is alive and contributing Workplace … verb effect: About a person involved […]