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Life Better Version of You as an Entrepreneur

Life Better Version of You

Summary: As you step up and stay found as an entrepreneur, it’s important you express your “Life Better Version of You.” And you can do so, as you make a movement using the extraordinary employee and customer experiences platform. Appreciate A Life Better Version of You As You Design and Deliver Extraordinary Experiences with Your Employee and Customers […]

Workplace, 10 Insights About the Organization of Extraordinary Work

workplace insights organization of work

Summary:  Here are “10 Workplace Insights Organization of Work” (WOW). When all are used in their various combinations, they lead you to success. These insights are from an eagle perspective. And, these insights are useful to entrepreneurs with 2 or more employees through to executives with thousands of employees.  9+1 Workplace Insights Organization of Extraordinary WorkHere are 10 insights […]

Life Example Stephen Hobbs

Life Example Stephen Hobbs

Summary: Sharing a recent life example Stephen Hobbs … including pictures linked to a life well-lived, mentoring well-shared, work well-led, and legacy well-gifted Sharing My Recent Story  Five years ago, I left my CEO position to recreate my life. To focus on the design and delivery my Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform.  Early on, I consulted on two multi-million dollar […]

Workplace Seven Questions for Business Decisions

Workplace Seven Questions

Summary: Use these Workplace Seven Questions to guide your business decisions. Make sure to involve your employees and customers. Because with enthusiastic participation, all leverage the actions necessary for the workplace organization of work (WOW). Have you noticed how workplace issues – especially problems – seem to be growing in number? It’s as though you are experiencing […]

Workplace Future of Work

workplace future work

Summary: Workplace Future Work introduces you to the possible connections among extraordinary experiences (EX2), virtual reality (VR), cognitive computing, and the Future of Person and Machine  Workplace Future Work In 1996 I completed my EdD thesis … tilted: Development and Validation of a Holistic Organization Learning Framework for Organizational Learning Consultants and Adult Educators.  I used insights from quantum […]

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