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Flow Experiences

Flow Experiences

Flow Experiences and Experience-based Learning and Educating – Brief reminder of the importance of both to your organization of work.Over the months and years to follow, I’ll share insights about Flow, Flow Experiences, and Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) – suggesting the importance of all for making a movement and creating the well-living workplace …Other topics include:involve your customers […]

Experience Based Learning and Educating

experience based learning

Experience based learning and educating is at the core of designing & realizing extraordinary experiences in the workplace, life, legacy, and mentoring. Encouraging More from Every Workplace and Life Education SettingAll genuine education comes through experience [but] …not all experiences are genuinely or equally educative. John Dewey (American Educator, 1859-1952)All learning is experiential. However, not all learning is […]

Well Living Workplace Characteristics

well living workplace characteristics

There are ten fundamental well living workplace characteristics useful to 21st Century workplaces based on well-living concepts and practices. Co-creating the well living workplace as a 21st Century business initiative incorporates 10 key characteristics. These well living workplace characteristics are a composite of 30+ years of thinking and feeling, workplace organization and reorganization projects, incorporating the needs and wants of the […]

Well Living Workplace Story

well living workplace story

This well living workplace story encourages the co-creation of a 21st Century workplace based on well-living concepts and practices. Co-creating the well living workplace (often written as well-living workplace) is a 21st Century business initiative. Definition Well Living Workplace is a   a place of work where, when and how people live and work well togetherwith the intention of […]

Wellth Wealth Movement Story

wellth wealth movement story

This wellth wealth movement story frames the intersection between “well-being & well-living” & “financial assets,” while living from your legacy today. Since I introduced the name “wellth” to my community in 1990, people have been puzzled. Clarification“Do you mean wealth?” I would reply, “In a way!”Because the word “wealth” originates from the concepts and experiences of ‘hale and […]