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Business Team Important Questions

business team, extraordinary experiences Team-related development is important to entrepreneurial business growth. Yes? No? The line of thought used by many entrepreneurs: With growth comes the involvement of employees (contractors). We have to refer to them as something to bring them together – like a TEAM. If so … ask yourself this important question before developing your business team or teams: […]

Questions Coach Selection

coach selection

coach selection, extraordinary experiences 10 Questions to Ask During Coach Selection (Focus) Here are 10 questions to ask your coach during the selection interview. These questions are based on you having reviewed the potential coach’s credentials and experience, and linked to why you are looking for a coach: What coaching approach do you suggest for our relationship? What type […]

Workplace Mentoring Lessons Learned

workplace mentoring

workplace mentoring, extraordinary experiences 9 Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Workplace Mentoring (Appreciate) The pleasure of mentoring has filled my work and volunteer days over the years. Some arrangements have been long and involved, as others have been short and to the point. Each has been a wonderful experience for the mentee or me. In […]

Humor Workplace Humour

humor workplace

humor workplace humour, extraordinary experiences With your organization of work, “Are you looking – experiencing – the lighter side of work?”  That is, are you leveraging the four definitions of light? light is to illuminate – light the path light is to reduce burden – lighten the load light is to ground yourself – archaic use of light […]

Scenius Concept Practice

scenius concept

scenius concept, genius, extraordinary experiences Kevin Kelly on a fascinating concept called scenius. Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius … as defined by Brian Eno: Kelly lists four factors that are important in nuturing scenius concept: 1. Mutual appreciation […]