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Marie Forleo Seth Godin

Great Interview Between Marie Forleo and Seth Godin I’m going to be watching this interview again and again … Thank you Marie Forleo for doing it – posting it Thank you Seth Godin for sharing – writing Seth Godin Marie Forleo – their body of work is amazing – Been reading Seth’s work for years […]

Managers-Leaders Using Learning Educating To Manage Lead


Your Yearning for Learning for Earning Use Learning and Educating Approaches to Manage and Lead Employee Evolvement Whatever your age you are exploring and evaluating your … World! Workplace! Workspace! As we grow older we become more conscious of how we learn and possibly how we educate. However, there are still holes. And those holes are […]

Crafting Great Life

Read These Three Books to Live Extraordinary Experiences As you enter your next fifty are you thinking and talking about wellness, happiness, fulfillment and giving back – about living a great life? If yes … these topics are about YOUR wellth creation. If no – why not? A Great Life is a wellthy life where wellth refers […]