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Mapping Example for Two Clients

mapping example

Mapping example, customized hand drawings From Mapping to MAPPing for Business: Two Case Examples  We reimagine the word mapping to form a acronym that best illustrates what we do … we serve via MAPPing: Map to Agree Agree to Plan Plan to P______ (whatever P-related word works like Perform, Produce, Price, Position, etc.) By adding “ing” to […]

Great Ideas as an Entrepreneur

great ideas

Great Ideas, about something worth contributing As entrepreneurs you have great ideas borne of thoughts and feelings, and lived experience. Those ideas can become products, services and experiences (PSE) useful to customers and clients. Quick Question: Are you an entrepreneur who “develops/delivers the idea with the belief they will come?” Are you an entrepreneur who “Asks about […]

Entrepreneurs Challenges Use Mapping

entrepreneurs challenges

Entrepreneurs Challenges, Mapping There is a saying “At the end of the day ….” However, for most entrepreneurs … a revision is required: “At the beginning of the day – through the day – at the end of the day – the week that follows – the month that follows ….” Because entrepreneurs face all […]

Intention Attention Combination Is Awareness

intention attention

Intention Attention Awareness Intention is the manifestation of something before you materialize it through your business (and life) actions. When you materialize something you pay attention to its formation and use. The combination of intention and attention is called awareness.  Intention Attention Awareness For entrepreneurs, the development of awareness (combining intention and attention) is a vital competence to […]

Accountability Agreements Contracts Portfolios Competency

accountability agreements

Accountability agreements, learning contracts and knowledge & skill portfolios Use action-based, outcome-oriented competency profiles to create Accountability Agreements, Learning Contracts and Knowledge & Skill Portfolios Accountability Agreements Because the competency profile lists what a person must learn and action by recommended timelines to obtain their chosen level of certification. That is, your customers are clear about what […]

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